‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: Star Goes All the Way off on Tim

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 3
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On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew Compton,” KP and Tim find out who will be joining them in the IAM shop. Vudu, Ink Drippin, and Nessie are all down to return. However, no one has heard from Alana. Regardless, KP is ready to move forward. And he has no regrets about firing Barbie. 

Nessie begins to question where she really stands with Lemeir. She feels he has pulled away from their friendship ever since her relationship with his friend Ken ended. When she confronts him about this, he doesn’t seem interested in working on reviving their friendship. This is hurtful to Nessie.

Vudu hasn’t seen her father in 8 years. She was told by her mother and stepfather that he didn’t want to be in her life. When they reunite, some hard truths are revealed. 

Plus, Tim and Star have a nasty blowup during the IAM staff dinner. And security has to get involved. 

Here’s a recap for, “All Will Bee Revealed.” 

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  1. Something Tim said triggered Star. No one snaps like that out of nowhere. I believe she has something personal going on.

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