‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: Star Goes All the Way off on Tim

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 3
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KP’s team comes together.

It’s the day for KP and Tim to find out who their artists will be. Everyone was told to show up at the shop by 10 am if they want to work together. Before the arrivals begin, KP confirms that he hired Corey as a new artist. He’s seemingly Lemeir’s replacement. Polo has also been brought on board as an apprentice. As the morning goes on, Ink Drippin’ is the first to arrive. Vudu next. Then Nessie, which surprises everyone. 

She later pulls Tim and KP aside to talk. Nessie wants to move forward. She just wants all of them to do better about respecting each other. This is something Tim and KP can both agree on. 

Although the morning went well, everyone wonders what happened to Alana. 

Vudu is moving forward with her biological father. 

Nessie recaps Barbie and Danielle about her decision to return to IAM when it opens back up. They are surprised by her decision. And both decide not to tell her about Lemeir opening his own shop. Danielle invites Nessie to the gender reveal party. But she’s not happy to hear her ex Ken will be there. Ken and Lemeir have always been close. So it shouldn’t be unexpected. Even though she gets tearful thinking about the breakup, she still plans to attend the gender reveal. 

After a meditation session, Vudu tells Ink Drippin and Nessie that she’s been speaking to her biological father. She was lied to for years and told he didn’t want to be in her life. So now they have a lot of catching up to do.

Nessie is questioning her friendship with Lemeir.

It’s the day of Lemeir and Danielle’s gender reveal. Barbie put in a lot of effort to plan the event and it turns out great. Danielle receives a text from Nessie saying she can’t come because she wrecked her car in an accident. She’s okay but she’s upset. 

The celebration must go on. Lemeir and Danielle find out they are having another girl. And Lemeir announces that he and Ken will be opening up their own tattoo shop. 

Later on, Vudu tells Nessie about Lemeir and Ken’s plans. She’s feeling slighted. Plus, she hasn’t heard much from Lemeir since her breakup from Ken. It doesn’t seem like he values their friendship anymore.

It’s a step forward for Vudu and her father.

Vudu sees her father. They talk about her mother and stepfather. She says her stepfather said that her biological father molested her as a child. He says this isn’t true and he wasn’t even allowed to see her when she was a baby because at that point the stepfather and her mother refused to let him.

For Vudu, it’s so hurtful that he’s been kept out of her life for so long. She’s grateful they can connect now.

Star goes off on Tim.

KP and Tim invite everyone to a staff dinner. They plan to reopen the shop in two weeks. They just got the business license renewed. The only thing left to do is pass the inspection. Tim has tension with Star. He doesn’t feel she’s been doing her job and she’s not managing the shop outside of putting together staff meetings. In his opinion, she’s only around when it’s time to film the show. 

This angers Star and she throws glasses at Tim before security escorts her outside. 

Nessie meets up with Lemeir. She questions why he hasn’t been returning her calls and messages lately. It just seems as if he dropped her as a friend after her breakup with Ken, Lemeir says that he’s going to always remain close to Ken. And he doesn’t have to take care of Nessie. Only himself. 

In a green screen interview, Nessie says it hurts to realize that her friendship with Lemeir is over.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Something Tim said triggered Star. No one snaps like that out of nowhere. I believe she has something personal going on.

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