LAMH Star Destiny Payton-Williams Responds After Fans Say Her Beauty Supply Store Closed

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LAMH fans have been discussing Melody Holt and Destiny Payton-Williams’ fallout.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is always full of drama. And the upcoming season will not be an exception. On the previous season, Melody Holt clashed plenty with Martell Holt. They ended their marriage. However, divorcing did nothing to quell the tension between them. Martell cheated and it was the beginning of the demise of their marriage. Interestingly enough, Melody will have issues with someone else on the upcoming season. Turns out her friendship with Destiny Payton-Williams is in a very vulnerable state. For weeks, LAMH fans suspected the two women were shading each other on social media. Interestingly enough, the preview for season 4 confirmed that things have spiraled. So they are no longer on good terms.

For Melody, she has questions about Destiny’s relationship with Martell. In fact, Melody questioned why Martell was going over to Destiny’s house to talk. So she wanted Destiny to clarify what type of relationship she has with Martell now. She’s not sure that the relationship is appropriate at this point.

When Melody confronted Destiny about this on the trailer, things got tense pretty quickly. And Destiny was insulted because she felt Melody should trust that she wouldn’t cross the line with Martell. They are nothing more than friends.

Well, as LAMH fans discuss Melody and Destiny’s failing friendship, there are more rumors surrounding Destiny. And some have said that they believe her beauty supply store has closed down. Interestingly enough, Destiny responded.

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  1. I think these women need to put more focus into getting their businesses on track than being reality stars.

  2. They will get it right soon, hopefully. Stardom doesn’t last, especially when it shows you in a negative light. One day they will regret signing up for reality TV.

    1. I guess Bc they are getting a check they put the business on hold. Destiny has a f^ attitude that’s why nobody gives a d-mn about what she’s going through!!

  3. I agree with Rainbow and Lilyspirit. I really liked how Destiny checked Martell last season but I don’t want her to get lost in the TV stuff and not handle the business stuff. TV shows like this come and go, don’t waste your time trying to be a star when you can build a legitimate business and create wealth. Now Heavenly doesn’t have any experience in the beauty supply industry but from what I see, her store is doing well because she was able to have Lia Dias mentor her and well Lia has multiple successful stores in Cali. You really have to know what you’re doing or have a good mentor to have a thriving beauty supply store. If she’s struggling to find employees, something is wrong.

  4. Destiny is a habitual pathological liar and user! She was never Melody’s friend but, was always Martell’s mole! She running and telling Martell Melody’s every move and business knowing that she has a protective order against him! Yet thinks it’s just cool and ok? She’s definitely jealous of Melody and tried to copy everything that she does!

  5. This is the only article that I’ve read so far that addresses the “real” reason why Melody distanced herself from Destiny. Destiny is pretending that she doesn’t have a clue why Mel is “acting so funny.” But really is Mel acting “funny?” Destiny was being extremely flirtatious with Martell and what woman on Earth would not have a problem with that?? Your so-called bestie overtly flirting with your ex!! That’s a problem! Furthermore, the fact that Martell asked Destiny to bring baby oil to a photo shoot and she was either gullible enough or brazen enough to do so thinking that there wouldn’t be any consequences to her actions in respect to her and Mel’s friendship is insane at best! How does that ole saying go, “With friends like Destiny, Melody definitely doesn’t need any enemies.” Period!!!

  6. Everybody is too grown for this sh**!!
    This show started one way and quickly became something else and I’m disappointed about that.
    Too many folks involved in business that’s not theres.
    Destiny needs to stay off of social media and let everybody talk.

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