Cynthia Bailey Discusses How Kenya Moore Can Improve As a Friend

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Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore’s friendship received criticism from RHOA costars.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey used to be very close. In fact, their friendship would sometimes rub the other women the wrong way. In particular, there were times when Kenya was accused of not being that good of a friend to Cynthia. Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam felt this way when the cast traveled to Greece. Cynthia had just opened up her wine cellar. When the group was all together, Kenya challenged Cynthia’s wine expertise. So Tanya and Porsha told Cynthia that this isn’t something a real friend would do. And what Kenya did could have negatively impacted Cynthia’s business.

Cynthia would later confront Kenya about this. Kenya apologized and said that she was just playing around. But she would never intentionally do anything to hurt Cynthia in any way.

Another time people questioned the friendship was when Kandi Burruss told Kenya that Mike Hill hinted that he was getting ready to propose to Cynthia at an event. Kenya later told Cynthia that she had a feeling Mike was getting ready to propose. Kandi was furious. She pulled Kenya aside and called her out for this. But Kenya said she was just really excited and didn’t think it through. She didn’t intentionally try to ruin the big surprise.

Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey’s friendship fell apart on RHUGT.

Then, of course, Cynthia has been accused of not being a great friend to Kenya as well. In fact, when they filmed “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,” Cynthia expected the rest of the cast to clash with Kenya since that’s what she’s accustomed to on RHOA. However, Kenya mainly got along with everyone. And it was Cynthia who struggled to form new friendships.

So Cynthia had tension with Kenya and accused her of not having her back enough during conflicts. Interestingly enough, Kenya felt like the real issue is Cynthia was jealous that Kenya was fitting in with the group in ways that she didn’t manage to. The friendship between the two women suffered massively while filming the show. And it’s why they aren’t all that close anymore.

Well, Cynthia discussed what she thinks Kenya needs to do in order to be a better friend.

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  1. Is Cynthia serious? She was a shaky friend to Kenya for years. The fact that she got mad that Kenya wasn’t hated on RHUGT says a lot.

  2. The conversations that take place about Kenya and Cynthia’s friendship have always been interesting to me. Kenya is always criticized and said to not be a true friend to Cynthia but she’s never done the cruel things that NeNe has to Cynthia. And they would still be friends now if Cynthia didn’t decide to pick a fight with Kenya because the other women on RHUGT liked her better. It makes you wonder if Cynthia enjoyed being friends with Kenya only because it made her look like the good guy while Kenya was hated for no reason. The fact that Cynthia kept picking at Kenya while she was going through a painful divorce is pretty awful. But she’ll get a pass that Kenya will never have.

  3. Kenya is no ones friend, i remember how she tried to embarrass Cynthia because she did not know what wine should be served with a certain meal…a REAL FRIEND would NEVER try to embarrass you in front of people.Also Kenya tried to spoil Mike surprise proposal…Kenya is a SNAKE…and lord knows she can’t keep a MAN she is PRETTY but UGLY on the inside.

  4. Kenya, is no one friend. Cynthia wake up sista. She like to use people to make herself looks good. Ms. Leaves and Porscha and the couple of the other ladies on AHW try to tell u as well. Kenya is Poison!!!!

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