‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Young Bae Responds After She Offends Black Client

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A tattoo competition didn’t go well for Young Bae.

Black Ink Crew” is known for controversial moments, and the recent episode was just yet another one that caused discussions on social media. On the episode, Puma decided it was time for more team building. And the best way to do this was a tattoo competition. In fact, he wanted the women to go against the men. Things did not go smoothly. Both groups struggled with their tasks at hand. Two female clients wanted tattoos that dealt with Outerspace. Their visions included lots of colors. One client, in particular, was a dark-skinned woman. She wanted a galaxy tattooed on her body and it was her request to make it a full-color tattoo. She wanted this because she had never had a full-color tattoo done before.

Young Bae was selected to do the consultation. While speaking to the client, Bae warned that some colors she wanted would not last. And over time, the colors would no longer look good or hold on to the hue she received on the day she got the tattoo done. Bae even said that it didn’t make sense that a previous tattoo artist used red on her. What Bae felt would be best is for the female tattoo artists to work with her skin tone instead.

Controversy ensued.

After the consultation was completed, Vanity suggested that they use a color splash on the client. The client agreed with this and she said that she was happy with the tattoo once the process was over.

However, on the upcoming episode, Puma has an interesting update for Bae and the others. And he said the client felt like Bae set the tone, and had others feel like she was too dark to get the colors she wanted.

Well, Bae had something to say about all of this. Meanwhile, Ceaser decided to make a business move that would prevent this situation from happening again.

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  1. What Bae did is advise a customer with the truth of getting color on dark skin, I’ve experienced this before and, I really appreciated that my artist explained this to me. He told me what colors would work for my tattoo and those that wouldn’t. I still chose the colors I wanted and like he said it faded after time, but I’m getting it recolored. Bae told her the truth and I rather truth over everything. I’m about to get a new tat and I’m looking for Bae to do it for me, I live in Brooklyn.

  2. I don’t really care for Bae but I don’t see what she did wrong besides being honest with her client. It would have been a bigger issue had she not informed her and did it and the color started to fade then the client would have been ready to sue.

  3. Bae said nothing wrong to the client. She wanted her to have a lasting tattoo that’s all.
    I find it funny how the client had to leave the shop and marinate on what Bae said to get offended.
    Bottom line, she received a tatt, liked it and paid for it so now it’s a friggin problem?? GTFOH WITH THAT NONSENSE!
    She shoulda done her own research or listen and heeded the consultation.
    Ceaser will be boo-boo the fool if he fired Bae. She was tattooing from home during the shutdown anyway.

  4. She is a woman of another ethnicity who may sleep with black men but may not understand the issues of our community. This may have been an issue for this young lady growing up. As a black woman I would know how to delicately tell a client they may be too dark. While there was no ill intent, a brief convo on cultural sensitivity is all thats needed. Not replacing her

    1. As a black woman myself bae did not say anything offensive. While spider blatantly told the client she’s too dark for color and no matter what she wanted doesn’t mean she’s right. She was delicate about her words. I don’t feel that sleeping with black men has anything to do with anything.

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