Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Doesn’t Understand Her Feud with NeNe Leakes

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NeNe Leakes’ departure from RHOA was messy.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes had an interesting relationship on the show for years. Although they were cordial at times, they clashed a lot. And NeNe even believed that Kandi was part of an alliance that was hoping to push her off the show eventually. In fact, NeNe also accused Kandi and Cynthia Bailey of working together by setting up NeNe to get Kenya Moore back on the show. Both Cynthia and Kandi denied that there was an alliance. But NeNe still suspected she was being plotted on. So tension only worsened between NeNe and Kandi.

NeNe had a rocky season 12. In fact, she believed the other women were ganging up on her. Plus, she wasn’t having an easy time negotiating her contract for season 13. And she told fans that producers wanted her to appear in fewer episodes. She also took shots at someone in particular and she called them the “Terry Crews” of the group. And this person was getting in the way of other black women progressing over at Bravo.

NeNe also complained that only one woman on the Atlanta cast secured a spinoff with multiple seasons. And this is unfair in NeNe’s opinion.

Well, Kandi thought that she was the person NeNe was referring to. So they clashed about this at the reunion.

And recently, it seemed as if NeNe may have gotten shady on social media once the ratings for “Kandi & the Gang” went viral.

When it comes to Kandi and NeNe’s history, Kandi recently revealed that she’s confused by it. And Kandy wonders if NeNe could be a bit jealous that she has a better relationship with Bravo.

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  1. I honestly do believe NeNe is jealous that Kandi is given more opportunities by Bravo. That’s pretty obvious.

  2. Porsha and NeNare both jealous of Kandi’s relationship with Bravo. But she’s a favorite with them because she doesn’t come to work with a stank attitude and she’s not hard to work with. Instead of hating on Kandi, her haters should learn from her.

  3. I don’t understand the hate towards Kandi in general. She doesn’t come for anyone honestly unless they come crazy at her first. She’s hard working, successful, and wealthy. And she makes it a point to try to get along with everyone which makes her a joy to work with. Bravo loves her because she doesn’t act like a diva and that’s something NeNe has struggled with. So NeNe should be mad at herself. Her arrogance was the beginning of her downfall.

  4. Shoulder shrug. I wouldn’t continue to give it life by continuing to speak on it.
    If Nene’s mad then let her stay mad.

  5. Well I don’t think Bravo/Universal are reconciling with Nene after that c**n statement toward kandi. Nene thought public opinion would sway open doors more than what’s possibly on the table now. It only made people’s perception of her change and honesty it was really unprofessional how nene handled it all. Nene does seem jealous and bitter of kandi, and that’s no shade. I am not sure why kandi was drug into nene’s affairs. just move on already and take responsibility.

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