‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Puma Responds to Backlash Over His Treatment of Young Bae

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Team building went left, again.

Black Ink Crew” is known for having controversial moments. And the recent episode had a lot of fans debating on social media. On the episode, the crew learned one of their clients wasn’t happy about how the tattoo competition turned out. The men and women competed. Both groups of artists were tasked to do tattoos based on outer space. Two black women had their own vision for what they wanted the tattoos to look like. One woman wanted a galaxy. She also said that she wanted the galaxy to be in full color. Young Bae was tasked to provide the consultation for the client.

Bae expressed concern about doing a full-color tattoo on the client. She worried that certain colors would fade faster on the client’s darker skin tone. Bae even questioned why another artist previously tattooed the client using red. In Bae’s opinion, this wasn’t a good move.

A client called out Young Bae.

After the client said that Bae and the others weren’t going along with her vision, Vanity stepped in. And she suggested that instead of a full-color tattoo, they do a color splash instead.

Although the client said she loved her tattoo in the end, what she didn’t like was the experience. So she complained to Puma. And she said Bae was the one that caused it all to go left. In the client’s opinion, it was Bae who set the tone. And she made the client feel like the message was her skin was too dark to get all the colors she wanted.

Well, Puma felt Bae didn’t handle the situation in the best way. And he attempted to explain why she was insensitive, even though that wasn’t her intention.

Some fans have been calling Puma out about this on social media. So he responded.

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  1. Puma wasn’t disrespectful or mean at all. He’s just dark skinned and people get triggered and angry when colorism is pointed out.

  2. Huh? Puma wasn’t mean. Now Bae was rude because she didn’t want to let him talk and she left while he was still talking. Funny that she gets a pass and fans have been dragging the dark skinned people instead.

  3. Bae was very polite when speaking about the tattoo…she was saying consider what we are working with so she did not want to put colors on the darker skin that would not last….Puma act like she said (The B-tch Too Black) she could have just gave her what she wanted and then she would have been CRYING the COLOR FADED AWAY!!!!….that’s what Bae was trying to tell you STUPID!!!

  4. I understand some people do have triggers when it comes to our skin tone, saying that I’m a woman of a color and I have tattoos. When I got my first tattoo, I wanted to pay respect to my mother, who I just lost to breast cancer, so I wanted a pink ribbon with her name in it. The artist advised me that the color I was choosing wasn’t going to show up well, and it was going to fade. I still insisted on that color, and he did as I asked. Yes, after a few years, the pink did fade. I appreciated that the artist explained this to me at the time, so I was informed. I appreciated that Ceasar brought someone in with the knowledge of tattooing people of color. My only problem with this is that the man he tattooed wasn’t as dark as the women that the teams had to tattoo. In saying this, I think we, as black people, need to stop being so sensitive about our skin color; we all are beautiful in our own way. As far as Puma, just think about what you’re saying and how you say them. Words hurt.

  5. Bae kept it a buck speaking to that sister about the tattoo with color. Personally I never understood why anyone would get inked and you can’t make out what it is. That goes for ANYBODY.
    That sister left that shop happy but she got home and then had a problem? GTFOH!! When did Bae actually offend her? Did she even pay for the tatt? Remember this was a competition and these two sisters coulda been randoms chosen for this competition. We didn’t see that. Production coulda made it look like they were walk-ins.
    Now whomever tatted her before with red just took her money. Co-signed on what she wanted knowing that was going to darken over time.
    One more thing…all tattoo inks are not the same. Some inks can cause issues with skin. Just Google it.

  6. Mary Wells you spoke so truth. I was confused as why they didn’t bring in a dark skin person to tatoo. If you experienced fading after time had passed then it is true and we shouldyget offended about being told the color you want will fade after time goes on.

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