Destiny Payton-Williams Responds After LAMH Fans Accuse Her of Trying to Be Melody Holt

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Melody Holt and Destiny Payton-Williams’ friendship has soured.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is expected to have a drama-filled season 4. In fact. multiple feuds are brewing. Melody Holt and Destiny Payton-Williams are no longer on good terms. Last season, Destiny accused Melody of not being around while the show was on hiatus. When Melody was asked about this at the reunion, she said there was some truth to this. She admitted that filming the show is very stressful for her. So she likes to have some time to herself when the cameras aren’t rolling. And this is something she feels is necessary if she’s going to prioritize her mental health.

Regardless, things have worsened between Destiny and Melody. During the season 4 premiere, both Melody and Destiny discussed their fallout. Melody said she overheard Destiny and LaTisha Scott discussing her while they were in Los Angeles. She took issue with this because she thought she and Destiny were close friends. So it seemed shady to her that Destiny would discuss her with LaTisha considering she’s not in a good place with LaTisha these days.

Interestingly enough, LaTisha said it’s Melody who doesn’t know how to be a friend to people. So Melody now sees LaTisha as an enemy.

Well, LAMH viewers had a lot to say about Destiny after the recent episode aired. After they began to accuse her of trying to be like Melody since she’s been in the recording studio, Destiny felt the need to set the record straight.

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  1. I’m so sick of who’s a good-better-best friend on this show. To be honest, no one can call themselves friends.
    Melody has issues with anyone she feels is against her. LaTisha keeps stirring that pot because she’s trying to make Melody something she doesn’t want to be with her.
    How many jabs does it take to get to the. center of she doesn’t want to be your friend LaTisha? At this point it’s just stupid to me.
    Destiny and Melody was a situationship. Destiny is Marty’s friend first and she tried to check him for his bullswankey concerning his moves. Is Melody privy to that? Probably not at the time but to outright accuse her of messing with Marty is a reach. Nobody wanted Marty but her and Arionne. That’s who she should be mad at. Marty was in that for years. The pandemic didn’t slow Marty down so why be mad at Destiny?
    If that sister wants to sing she should gone on and do it. Her & Mel coulda collabed on a song or maybe an entire album.
    Destiny left her alone and that’s all she can do.

  2. I think at this point, melody doesn’t trust anyone. And maybe she shouldn’t. The show has really become toxic. ALL of the kids will be affected

  3. What’s so sad about this whole thing is, everytime Melody gives a platform to who she thought were her friends, they get “Camera Happy” and want the fame!!! Interesting that Latisha and Destiny both trash talk the very person who bought them in! See this is why in these cases,you can’t help people. The jealousy of Melody’s strength and empowerment is too much for them!! Period!

    1. Melody is trash – she got a taste of the limelight and turned into an entitled ignorant bully. She ain’t no diva…latisha and destiny don’t owe her nothing

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