Rich Dollaz Says Confusion About Mariahlynn Is He Doesn’t Know If She’s More Than a ‘Habit’

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Rich Dollaz and Mariahlynn have an interesting history.

Love And Hip Hop New York” fans were shocked when Mariahlynn blasted Rich Dollaz at the reunion. She said they have a romantic history that no one really knew about. And it bothered her that Rich never claimed her publicly. Rich didn’t appreciate Mariahlynn calling him out. For him, it was important for them to keep things private. However, Mariahlynn was frustrated that their romance was never something he wanted to share with the world. It was also hurtful because she said they talked about being serious and even having children together. Since Rich struggled to be public with their situation, their relationship has been very on and off for years.

Interestingly enough, Rich and Mariahlynn will be on the upcoming season of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

The show is a platform for couples to sort out their issues. By the end of the season, they decide if they will stay together or move on from the relationship. The show has been known for its controversial moments. However, Mariahlynn and Rich still signed up to join the cast because both are wondering if they really do have a future together or not.

Recently, they talked about their history. And for Rich, he needed to be on the show because he’s trying to figure out if his feelings for Mariahlynn are genuine or if she’s just a comfortable habit for him.

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  1. Rich dollaz knows he’s lying they just did the show to be back on tv. It amazes me what lengths people go to stay irrelevant these days.

  2. Rich has only claimed himself.
    Mariahlynn played herself at the reunion. Was she trying to make Rich claim her??
    Now they’re gracing us on another show. This is going to be one-sided as far as real love goes but is any of it real?

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