‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Ceaser Feels Suzette is not Supporting Him Amid Fallout with Daughter

Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 16 Recap
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On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Ceaser is still hurting about the ongoing situation with his daughter. The restraining order against him is preventing him from seeing or contacting her. He’s upset about how things have turned out. And his mother is also disappointed that their relationship has changed for the worst. To add to the situation, Ceaser is feeling like Suzette hasn’t been supporting him through this. 

Well, Suzette ends up revealing that she has struggles of her own. After she got illegal butt injections years ago, she’s now been having health issues. Silicone has spread throughout her body. So she will need to get it all removed before her health really deteriorates. 

This revelation forces Ceaser to make a decision. He decides he will go to Columbia with Suzette so she can get the removal surgery. So her health will now be his number one priority. 

Here’s a recap for, “Silicone Valley.”

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  1. Suzette seems really selfish. She keeps wanting Ceaser to put her over his daughter. And I haven’t forgotten that she moved her children into that house of his also. Ceaser isn’t being smart.

  2. I mean what did he expect. She clearly already shown her true colors with his daughter wthe stuff she was saying about her on social media. She don’t give two f**ks about his daughter yet he chose Suzette over his daughter. Cant really say I feel bad for him.

  3. Suzette wants Ceaser all to herself and she’s winning. He can’t see that she’s the catalyst for the mess with his daughter.
    When Suzette came for Cheyenne online all bets were off then. Ceaser shoulda shut them both down but Suzette is the adult.
    Suzette is being demanding, expecting Ceaser to drop everything to be by her side in Colombia to get something she decided to do corrected.
    Yeah…I’m seeing a sharp left turn coming.

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