Traci Braxton’s Husband Responds After He’s Accused of Exploiting Her Death by Her Sisters?

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The Braxton family clashed on television and away from the cameras.

Braxton Family Values” fans were shocked when it was confirmed that Traci Braxton had passed away. According to reports, she privately battled with esophageal cancer. Her tragic passing has been a hot topic on social media. Many fans hoped that Traci was in a good place with all of her sisters before her passing. On the show, the sisters clashed often. However, Traci and Tamar Braxton’s issues became explosive. And sometimes the scenes they filmed together were very hard for fans to watch. At the height of their drama, Traci even told Tamar that she made it hard for Traci to love her at times. Fortunately, Tamar and Traci seemingly were able to hash things out after Tamar left the show.

Sometimes as the sisters fought, their significant others would be pulled into the drama. For Traci’s husband Kevin Surratt, it’s an issue he dealt with way too often. In fact, he’s been called out by Tamar and Towanda Braxton multiple times. However, fans were hoping that Traci’s illness and death would force everyone to come together and let the past die. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if that’s the case.

In fact, a recent report is now alleging that the family is at odds over how things were done in regards to Traci’s memorial. Kevin has been accused of “exploiting” Traci’s death. And he has since responded to the claims.

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  1. I’m really not surprised that her sisters are still giving Kevin their a–es to kiss even after her death. This man and her son are grieving and they are still running to Page Six to inflict more harm like they didn’t do enough of that while Traci was living.

  2. This is so nasty to me. Traci was closer to Kevin and her son. If anyone knew exactly what she wanted, it’s them. And a person’s spouse is the person who has the final say so in how things go. Not mothers, fathers, siblings, etc. They are just using Traci’s death to continue to hurt Kevin. And it’s so disturbing they had their people run to Page Six to make him look bad because they are the ones who actually look bad here.

  3. Exploiting her death? Excuse me? Kevin has a regular job and stays out of the spotlight. He’s never been thirsty for attention and fame. My goodness the hate they have for this man is insane. They don’t even care how it affects their nephew.

  4. I think if your sister dies, you should love on her husband and son. Not pick a meaningless fight like this. It’s so weird to see them posting about how much they love and miss her when they are doing this behind closed doors. They are also using their connections with the media to make a widower look bad. Not cool.

  5. They really should have kept this to themselves and not ran to the media. I would say a lot more but I’m going to be respectful. I hate the way they treated Traci and her family. And it’s pathetic that her death didn’t change anything.

  6. Traci is gone. So they can stop being dramatic and rude to her husband now. This is all about them being mad they didn’t have the control they feel entitled to. Yuck.

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