After an Explosive Moment on ‘Black Ink Crew,’ Suzette Reveals Current Status with Ceaser

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Ceaser has had problems in his relationship with Suzette.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser isn’t on the best terms with his daughter Cheyenne. At the height of the pandemic, she moved to Atlanta to live with him and his girlfriend Suzette. They had recently purchased a house together. And Cheyenne’s mother Crystal thought it would be a good idea for her to spend some time with her father. However, things went left. Cheyenne began to feel as if Ceaser was treating Suzette’s children better. She told her Instagram followers that the breaking point was when Ceaser allegedly told her to wash the dishes one evening. Cheyenne went on to take a shower instead. And she alleged that Ceaser got angry and put his hands on her.

Ceaser has denied getting violent with Cheyenne. However, this wasn’t the only controversial situation that occurred. Cheyenne also clashed with Suzette. She accused her of being a gold digger with content on P*rnhub. Suzette clapped back with accusations regarding Cheyenne’s s*x history.

Fans of the show felt Suzette went too far. However, Ceaser said that he felt as if Cheyenne was the one in the wrong. He doesn’t think it was appropriate for Cheyenne to get into a war of words with an adult.

Since then, Ceaser told followers he had to remove Cheyenne from his life because he feels she betrayed him. And he’s accused her of lying on him when she made the abuse accusations.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser has been clashing with Suzette on the last two episodes of “Black Ink Crew.” And there are moments when he has accused Suzette of not caring about his fallout with his daughter. In fact, he feels she’s been a bit selfish as he’s been stressed about the deterioration of his relationship with Cheyenne.

On the recent episode, Suzette and Ceaser actually had a major blowup. And Ceaser told Teddy and Puma that he was thinking that he and Suzette need a bit of a break from each other.

Well, Suzette recently took to social media to reveal her current status with Ceaser.

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  1. Umm this woman is arrogant. She’s not even the most successful or driven woman Ceaser has been with – that would be Dutchess. Ceaser even said Dutchess was his most defining loss in life and she taught him how to be a businessman. And he wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her. So Suzette wouldn’t have this version of Ceaser if it wasn’t for Dutchess. Also Dutchess encouraged Ceaser to be there for Cheyenne and even paid his child support so she wouldn’t be without. This is why Crystal and Cheyenne still speak highly of Dutchess now. Meanwhile Suzette seems to think she should come first in his life and she’s one of the reasons he lost his daughter. But she’s always pushing for him to go above and beyond for her and her kids. Very selfish.

  2. I can’t do anything but roll my eyes. Suzette was an extra on this show and clearly wanted to be on the show for a long time. Being with Ceaser is how she finally got on television and if she’s so successful, why did Ceaser have to help pay for her surgery? And why couldn’t she have her own assistant and nursing aide while she was healing if she has so much money? I’m still waiting for her to talk about her role in Ceaser losing his only child. I won’t hold my breath though. This show annoys me so much now. So many real people left and now it’s fake and shallow people with fake storylines. Ceaser is a fool to put this woman before his child. Yesterday was her birthday too. Not a peep from him either. But he had no problem telling his followers he kicked her out of his life a few months ago.

  3. We literally saw Suzette get up in Ceaser’s face and act like she wanted a fist fight when he even hinted at leaving her. So we know for sure she would beat Ceaser’s a-s if he ever talked to her children the way she talked to Cheyenne. This whole relationship is a joke.

  4. Kitty did say water seeks its own level when she was asked what she thinks about Suzette. That told me all I needed to know. But I guess she’s doing a good job at trying to clean up her image after she showed her behind with this man’s daughter. People have short attention spans. I don’t though.

    1. Of course. Suzette gets to cry and make people feel sorry for her like what she did to Cheyenne never happened. No Suzette is the real victim.

  5. Suzette is probably a really nice woman but I can’t get over how she did a minor. And she doesn’t seem to have any remorse either.

  6. Just a FYI, if your significant other comes into you life and blows it up, causes you to lose relationships with family members….children, etc….you may need to rethink the relationship.

  7. I do think Cheyenne and Suzette were both wrong. However, as an adult and mother, Suzette should have known better than to take things as far as she did. Teenagers don’t have the maturity and the hormonal balance to make the right choice every time. Their brains aren’t even fully developed yet. She should have let Ceaser and Crystal handle Cheyenne.

  8. This whole situation is so sad to me. Parents should never put their significant others before their children. Ceaser is truly delusional about this woman. Watch him marry her too while he won’t fix things with his daughter but he treats her kids like his own.

  9. I totally agree with Anonymous…..Suzette WAS wrong but Cheyenne needs to grow up and stop being a spoiled….entitled child….her father told her to do them dishes…she should’ve done just that!!! Kids these days have it way to good! At 12 I was cooking for my whole family….sewing…cleaning…things women SHOULD know how to do. Nothing wrong with chores. That young lady is too spoiled. You could tell that the few times she appeared on the show. Crystal is at fault as well…Ceasar should’ve been there MORE.

    1. @Gemini’s Twin I get what you’re saying about chores. I grew up doing them as well but if your father has never asked you to do chores then all of a sudden he changes when he has a new woman with kids (that probably have raised doing chores) and he starts “ordering” her like never beore it becomes confusing and kids become defensive. He spoiled her to be that way. I believe she probably felt like an outsider in her father’s ‘new” home and that he moved away from her as well. There’s a lot going on here. Kids need more understanding than adults. It’s not like Cesar spoke to his mom with respect so he has a lot of things to unpack as well.

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