‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Slams Ceaser for Fallout with Daughter + Blasts Young Bae & Tati

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Donna has been speaking out since her departure from “Black Ink Crew.”

Black Ink Crew” star Donna is used to having controversial moments. However, her exit from the show is probably the biggest controversy she’s had to date. Donna and Alex’s relationship received criticism. Over time, the group took issue with how they believed Donna treated him. They felt she was toxic. And they accused her of being abusive. As for Alex, he only gave life to the speculations. After he and Donna got into an argument, he told producers she was responsible for a scratch on his face. So Donna was iced out. Ceaser straight out refused to allow her inside of his shops. Her time on the show came to an end.

Interestingly enough, Alex would later walk back his comments. He said that what actually happened was he was shaving while they were arguing. So he wasn’t paying enough attention and cut himself by accident.

However, Puma and Ceaser weren’t moved by this. They still believe that Donna was abusive.

In response to this, Donna has accused Puma and Ceaser of using her to deflect from their own issues. And they aren’t the only two she has beef with. In fact, she feels Alex threw her under the bus. To no surprise, the drama from the show played a role in their breakup.

Well, Donna recently had more to say about the “Black Ink Crew” cast. She called out Ceaser for his treatment of his daughter Cheyenne. Plus, she made some interesting accusations about Young Bae, Tati, as well as Teddy, and Puma.

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  1. I mean good points were made. But Donna’s past actions are going to keep some people from taking what she said seriously.

  2. The Young Bae situation rubbed me the wrong way. On top of that she lied on her ex when she accused him of being a deadbeat dad for a storyline. Yet black people stay putting on a cape for her for some odd reason. They really justified colorism for her. Yuck!

  3. I believe everything Donna said, but I really wish she just move on and let them crash and burn on they own. That show is about to crash and burn soon.

  4. Donna is very bitter because she lost her job. I’m glad she and Sky are no longer on the show! They are wild and loud, and didn’t know when to shut the h-ll up! They may have brought the ratings, but shut up sometime and stop all the fighting. Act like young ladies and not ally-cats! We make ourselves look bad with all the fighting and cussing.

  5. To me it sounds like Donna is mad she’s not on the show anymore. My advice stop being petty and just move on. She has no connection to anybody on the show anymore, so it makes no sense in her saying anything about the show now.

  6. I mean no one else thought it was cringe that a dark skinned woman came to a black owned tattoo shop and she was told her skin was too dark for colors by nonblack women because there are no black women working at the shop anymore? Yeah Donna is messy and far from perfect but this show is extremely problematic even without her being on it.

    1. Exactly. Too many people are too caught up in who is saying this rather than admitting that what Donna said is the truth. How are black people not offended that a black woman was told her skin was too dark for a color tattoo by a group of women who aren’t even black? Then a good bit of them defended Bae while they dragged that Black woman for filth for being offended. This fan base is so problematic. And Puma was 100% right. A lot of black people are colorist as h-ll. I don’t doubt that the ratings are bad because a show that built its success off having a black cast has gotten rid of all the actual black women.

  7. Not here to judge anyone but Donna is talking her way to a lawsuit…defamation??
    She’s doing all of this to remain relevant and she needs to put all of this energy to work and make some coins for herself.

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