Kandi Burruss & Riley Burruss Clap Back at Block’s Recent Comments + Block Responds

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Kandi Burruss’ relationship with Block has been controversial.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has been transparent about every part of her life. And at times, these moments can be controversial. But this hasn’t caused her to stop sharing on the show. Interestingly enough, people had a lot to say on social media when Kandi discussed her issues with Riley Burruss’ father Block. On the show, it was revealed that Riley didn’t have much of a relationship with him while she was growing up. However, Block did reach out to her at some point. He also told Kandi that he wanted them to work on a relationship.

Riley wasn’t comfortable with this. So Kandi agreed to go with her when she met her father at a restaurant. During the scene, it was clear how uneasy Riley was. And it was obvious that it would take some time for her to feel more comfortable around her father.

Kandi’s relationship with Block has also needed a lot of work. On the show, Kandi revealed that Block was late on child support payments. So when Riley was ready to head off to college, she questioned when Block would step up and do his part. She didn’t think it was right for Kandi to be responsible for paying Riley’s tuition herself.

Well, some fans of the show were critical of this. They said Kandi is too wealthy to demand Block pay unpaid child support. Kandi strongly disagreed. However, Block may have had the same perspective as Kandi’s critics. After he discussed this in an interview, Kandi and Riley have both decided to clap back.

However, Block now feels that his comments were taken out of context.

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  1. What a mature response from Riley. Block should be ashamed. He really has no idea how crazy he looks.

  2. See how he’s explaining to the public instead of speaking privately to his daughter? That should tell you all you need to know. Smdh

  3. It was goofy of him to do that interview. He wanted attention at the cost of upsetting his own daughter. The clout chasing and attention seeking era is a trip.

  4. I agree with Kandi, it doesn’t matter how much money she have, you as a man should do your part because Kandi didn’t make that child by herself,it is Blocks responsibility to send Kandi child support for his daughter that he help make.

  5. Calling Kandi a side-chick…really?
    I also think it’s weaksauce to come at anybody over the phone, thru text messaging and using social media. He’s a grown man acting like a punk afraid to confront his daughter and her Mother.

  6. Its a good thing Kandi made something out of herself because if she didn’t,she would be struggling to take care of her Child by herself, with wishy washy child support from Brock , good job Kandi you and your daughter didn’t have to struggle.

  7. It doesn’t matter how much money Kandi has, she didn’t make Riley by herself. You owe Riley that money and time. I’m so over men that think just because his baby momma is doing good, he doesn’t have to help, gtfoh the child is your responsibility too. Block step up and correct your wrongs with your daughter.

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