Marsau Scott Responds When Fan Says LaTisha Scott Should Worry About Apartment Rumor

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The rumors continue about Marsau Scott and the rest of the LAMH cast.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott has been the subject of rumors. It all started after Martell Holt accused him of cheating with 20 different women. Martell was upset because Marsau made jokes about his longtime affair with Arionne Curry. So fans have been speculating about his marriage to LaTisha Scott. After Marsau confirmed that he has been around Martell and Arionne, he also revealed that the guys’ Atlanta trip was the first time he saw her. He posted a photo from that night on Instagram to poke fun at Maurice Scott taking his time with admitting that he was also there.

Arionne accused Marsau and Maurice of cheating on social media and in an interview. The brothers have denied that there is any truth to the claims. But Marsau’s decision to travel to Africa alone only made some viewers speculate even more. And he has pushed back on this on social media. He believes it’s silly that he’s being accused of cheating for opting to take a solo trip. The trip was something he felt he needed in order to clear his mind.

Well, Miss Wanda only made things worse when she confronted Marsau about rumors about him and Martell on a past episode. And Marsau had something to say in defense of LaTisha when fans said she should be more concerned.

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  1. His is lying, you can look at the way he answers when LaTisha ask him about him cheating. LaTisha knows he is lying she just don’t say anything cause she doesn’t want to be a single Mom with 3 kids. whoever is his side chick is paid well not to say anything to anybody. LaTisha’s mom knows he is cheating but she just wants money so she will tell her daughter to stay with Marsau for his money.

  2. Yes yes and yes Mo i agree with you all the way. She truly believes her poop smells like daffodils and roses. I understand about setting boundaries but for this one time she could of let those kids go to the book signing since they all played a part. Wanting to be with her family due to death in her family is fine but i dont think going for an hour or so would of hindered her travels.When you are co parenting there me some give and take a some sacrifices she would of had a 2 cows and a moose if she wrote the book with her kids she had a signing and it was Martells week for the kids and he didnt let them go, but you cant tell her nothing because stories are the truth and she knows it all. As for Tisha she is in denial and in a big way but she’ll find out the hard way because Marsau knows exactly what hes doing and what hes got.

  3. Marsau is a slippery one now. He knows what to say and how to say it with any and everyone. I just hate the thought of LaTisha finding out that the rumors are indeed actual & factual.
    I feel like it’s going to be like a version of CHEATERS.

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