K. Michelle’s Boo Kastan Sims Regrets Signing up for ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

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K. Michelle had a nasty fallout with Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley on LHHH.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle is on the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp.” Interestingly enough, “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley are also on the show. In the past, K. Michelle has clashed with both. She accused Lyrica of showing up late to perform at her show. And K. Michelle felt as if this is a very disrespectful thing for an opening act to do. So she confronted Lyrica about this. Things got heated quickly. K. Michelle got even by accusing Lyrica of trying to hook up with Safaree Samuels. They nearly came to blows, too. Security had to keep them from putting their hands on each other.

Although K. Michelle ended up making peace with A1 and Lyrica, they will have more drama on “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.” In fact, K. Michelle and Lyrica nearly come to blows yet, again. Apparently, things sour between them because Lyrica isn’t feeling the way K. Michelle has been interacting with A1.

On the recent episode, K.Michelle wasn’t interested when Gangsta Boo wanted to discuss their fallout that occurred years prior. So she pretended to walk away to have a conversation with A1. This will lead to more problems between Lyrica and K. Michelle.

Interestingly enough, K. Michelle is there to work on the issues she has with her boo Kastan Sims. And in a deleted scene, he says he regrets signing up for the show.

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  1. K Michelle is there for a check!! K Michelle and her boo are a fake couple..has anyone else noticed that they don’t kiss or touch?

  2. K. Michelle wants the spotlight continuously shining upon her. Kastan ain’t that type of brother. So wth is the connection? My ???? is inquiring about them more than Mariahlynn and Rich.

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