K. Michelle’s Boo Kastan Sims Regrets Signing up for ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

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Kastan Sims has regrets.

K. Michelle had a lot of drama on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” However, she also had one of her biggest feuds to date on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” She clashed with A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson. The last straw was when K. Michelle accused Lyrica of trying to hook up with Safaree Samuels. Even though they were able to make peace on LHHH, K. Michelle does end up clashing with them again on “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.”

She actually signed up for the show with her longtime boo Kastan Sims. He is a dentist who enjoyed living a private life until he began a romance with K. Michelle.

K. Michelle isn’t sure that Kastan really wants to start a family with her. And she wants to be with a man who knows her worth.

Well, Kastan had some things to say in a deleted scene. During a conversation, Gangsta Boo asks Kastan if sharing his personal life is new territory for him as it is for her boyfriend Emmet, “Is this something new to you being a public person? It definitely is for him.” She continues, “This is not an awkward experience for you?”

Kastan had an honest moment, “I regret doing it. Yeah, airing your dirty laundry all in public…”. Gangsta Boo then asks why Kastan agreed to do the show. And he says he moved forward to work things out with K. Michelle.

He also says he didn’t know what he was really signing up for, “I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”

Rich Dollaz interjects, “I think he regrets the situation – how it’s playing out.” However, Gangsta Boo still isn’t hearing it, “You know what you signed up for just like he do.”

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  1. K Michelle is there for a check!! K Michelle and her boo are a fake couple..has anyone else noticed that they don’t kiss or touch?

  2. K. Michelle wants the spotlight continuously shining upon her. Kastan ain’t that type of brother. So wth is the connection? My ???? is inquiring about them more than Mariahlynn and Rich.

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