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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Lyrica’s Jealousy Shows + Kastan Angers K. Michelle

Marriage Boot Camp Season 19 Episode 3 Recap

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

A1 sees where Lyrica is coming from.

The episode begins with Lyrica fuming about A1 walking K. Michelle back to her room. A1 felt like it was small but Lyrica felt it was disrespectful for A1 to do that, especially with the lack of trust. 

The next morning, it’s day 3 in the house and everyone is starting to warm up to one another, especially the guys. Meanwhile, Judge Toler and Dr. Ish talk about what’s going to happen. They know the exercise will definitely test the couples.

Meanwhile, A1 mentions how he could understand how and why Lyrica saw his action of walking K. Michelle back to her room as disrespectful. 

He also talks to Rich Dollaz who had Mariahlynn at his neck the night before. So he fully understands what A1 is venting about. Meanwhile, Mariahlynn is venting to Lyrica.

K. Michelle doesn’t like Dr. Ish’s latest exercise.

Eventually, Dr. Ish has all the couples out by the pool for their next group session. Dr. Ish has them choreograph a 45-second dance routine with a s*xy theme. The couples jump into work on their routines. K. Michelle and Kastan are the least enthused as K. anticipates foolishness arising from the interaction.

Meanwhile, A1 and Lyrica seem to be enjoying their time together. 

However, Dr. Ish throws a wrench into everyone’s plans. He’s going to split everyone up into random groups. This causes K. Michelle to walk away from the exercise. Kastan follows behind to lean into her and Dr. Ish check on them both.

Dr. Ish tells them he’s not trying to cause any mess or dissension between them. However, he knows they have issues with trust and wants them to work on this.

After the talk, K. Michelle agrees to return to the task.

Lyrica watches A1 like a hawk.

When they return, Dr. Ish reveals the pairings. This includes Dr. Ish pairing K. Michelle with A1. Meanwhile, Lyrica gets Emmet, Gangsta Boo is partnered with Rich Dollaz, and Kastan is patterned with Mariahlynn.

Everyone awkwardly performs together. Things get even more awkward when A1 tells Lyrica to get “closer” to Emmet. Meanwhile, Mariahlynn is keeping a lot of distance between her and Kastan.

Later on, Lyrica is watching A1 when he rehearses his routine with K. Michelle. Dr. Ish looks on knowing all of this is triggering Lyrica. Lastly, Dr. Ish presents them with a harness that the dancer must wear until the performance. During their break, Lyrica and Emmet trail A1 and K. Michelle.

Of course, Lyrica brings up A1’s cheating during their conversation. Dr. Ish and Judge Toler see Lyrica being jealous.

The couples film a music video.

Eventually, they all unhook so they can get dressed for the performance. They each show up in their video outfits and perform for their music video. Their romantic partners look on and some have jealous looks in their eyes.

Things seemingly get tense when A1 and K. Michelle perform. Lyrica’s jealousy is easily seen. However, Kastan does his hardest to hide his. After the performances, both A1 and Lyrica express what they learned whited included patience on A1’s end.

Lastly, Dr. Ish coaches the couples about the feelings of jealousy they all felt during this exercise and they crown the winners; A1 and K. Michelle. They receive a prize which is steak and lobster from a local restaurant.

Rich schools Lyrica and Kastan angers K. Michelle.

As they go eat, Rich Dollaz gives A1 and Lyrica advice regarding how Lyrica is treating A1. Rich thinks Lyrica reminds A1 of his cheating past way too often. However, Lyrica explains her perspective including why she moved out. 

She’s resentful that A1’s choices broke up their family. Later in the evening, Rich gets all the guys together for a hangout at the jacuzzi. Emmet wants to hang out with them but Gangsta Boo insists he stays away if she’s not joining them. He decides to go with the guys. Moments later, Gangsta Boo gets him and kills the vibe. So, everyone goes to bed.

The episode ends with K. Michelle telling Kastan that she is ready to make a baby. However, Kastan isn’t in the mood which leads to K. Michelle saying that she hates being with him.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. octlibra

    April 16, 2022 at 3:08 pm

    I thought Lyrica was very rude to Emmett.
    K.Michelle was being an actress.
    Mariahlynn and Kastan was a dry hump… literally.
    Gangsta Boo and Rich had fun with it.

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