Claudia Jordan Blasts Ty Young After Latest Public Breakup with Mimi Faust

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Ty Young has denied cheating on Mimi Faust.

When it comes to relationships, “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust has been through a lot. While she’s had some fallouts with friends on the show, her romantic history has been something she’s needed therapy for. In fact, Mimi opened up a lot on “VH1 Family Reunion.” She said that Stevie J. caused her a lot of pain. This affected her romantic relationships with other people. So she struggled to trust people. And it wasn’t until she started to see a therapist that she realized how deeply he had affected her. She also blamed her past with Stevie on why her first engagement to Ty Young didn’t work out.

So when Ty and Mimi recently got back together this year and got re-engaged, it looked like a happy ending. However, the good times didn’t last. And fans found out about the couple’s latest breakup because a video of Ty with another woman went viral on social media.

People wasted no time calling Ty out in the comments. However, she said she did nothing wrong because she is a single woman. So she wasn’t cheating on Mimi.

Claudia Jordan strongly disagreed.

Well, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Claudia Jordan disputed this on Fox Soul. When Funky Dineva asked her if Mimi told her what happened, Claudia blasted Ty.

She said, “She told me that they were not broken up, that Ty had been acting funny in the last couple of weeks. And that girl was a teammate, that they had planned a trip to Jamaica. Ty, and I’m so mad at you because I was just at y’all engagement party in Atlanta.”

Claudia continued, “Ty, I wasn’t feeling you for Mimi when I first met you. I really wasn’t…there was something about you. But I grew to care for you. And the way Mimi was so happy. I came around and I hate when you feel a way about someone in the beginning and you go against that. I was like, ‘You know, I was wrong.’ Then you go around and do this so publicly after all that begging to get her back. And putting a ring on her finger.”

She also had some advice for her good friend Mimi, “Mimi don’t give the ring back. When they cheat, keep the ring. When you cheat, you negotiate.”

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  1. Ty probably did cheat. I mean I do remember Stevie saying Ty was cheating on Mimi years ago. Either way, Mimi thought the first engagement didn’t work because of her past with Stevie but maybe her intuition always knew Ty wasn’t endgame. It hurts but Mimi will eventually end up with the right person.

  2. I just love it when a person gives advice about a partner and they’re partner-less themselves.
    Mimi needs to keep it a buck with herself and just chill out. There’s nothing wrong with letting love find her.
    She’s not giving herself time to heal. I think she’s trying to prove to Stevie that she can make it without him.

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