Monique Samuels Talks Altercation with Candiace Dillard + Says Her Injury Wasn’t Discussed

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Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels’ fallout was one for the books.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans were in shock when they learned about Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard’s physical altercation. This is due to the fact that they used to be very close. They spent a lot of time together along with their husbands, so most fans figured they’d be able to hash out their issues eventually. However, both got to a point where they no longer trusted the other. Monique was told by Gizelle Bryant that Candiace befriended Charisse Jackson-Jordan to get under her skin. Monique wanted nothing to do with Charrisse at that time because she believed Charrisse was spreading rumors about her. The rumor accused Monique of having an affair with her trainer. It was also alleged that her youngest son wasn’t Chris Samuels’ biological son.

As for Candiace, she believed Monique switched up on her after she made peace with Ashley Darby and Gizelle.

So what seemed like a petty war of words quickly turned into an altercation at a winery. The cameras happened to be there to catch it all, too.

To this day, fans still debate about who was the most at fault on social media. Supporters of Candiace feel Monique took things too far. And those who support Monique feel as if Candiace deserved what she got because she asked Monique to “drag” her repeatedly.

Although Monique is no longer on RHOP, she will make her official return to television on “Love & Marriage: DC.” Interestingly enough, she discussed the altercation briefly recently while she was working her radio job.

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  1. Monique and Candiace keep talking about this fight because they are both still hurting. I hate that their friendship is over. I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. I wondered if anyone else noticed that Monique came out more hurt that Candiace. Candiace put work in with that glass. But you can’t start a fight and get mad by how the person you attacked chooses to defend themselves.

  3. If you hadn’t tried to fight her, none of this would have happened. If she had communicated with Candice instead of trying to ice Candice out she wouldn’t have looked a fool fighting, on national TV.

  4. This fight was so unnecessary and disappointing. It hurt the show too. I like both of them and wish they could make up one day. I won’t hold my breath though.

  5. Sometimes we’re wrong and we do things we shouldn’t. I wish Monique would just admit she was wrong and took it too far. Candiace didn’t deserve that at all. Even when they were arguing, it was so silly and childish. Nothing to fight over. It just went left so fast and I don’t know why.

  6. Monique, please stop this my love. It’s not a good look. You attacked her. She had a right to defend herself.

  7. Wish Monique’s apology was simply left at “I’m sorry” instead of making a later justification for the assault for radio conversation purposes. She has a wonderful family and a great new opportunity ahead…I pray this isn’t what we should anticipate down the road, because we’re really looking forward to Love and Marriage: DC

    If we’re honest, Monique is a very beautiful, smart, accomplished and yes…calculating woman; who determined Candace wasn’t a valuable alliance to maintain in the RHOP scheme of things, she sacrificed her “friend” and chose to elevate the conversations and opinions of Gizelle and Ashley and using a potential connection with Charise as ammunition to continue a storyline with Candace, for what was expected to be a next season. Unfortunately things went to far and are etched in television history.

    One thing Candace and Monique certainly have in common is the absolute “Need To Be Right”. Wish to never hear about the fight again. Not cute then, not cute now. It’s over.

    Truth is, Monique has so much to offer and I for one certainly hope this new show allows her to shine in ways unimaginable.

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