‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Teddy Makes a Life Decision That Doesn’t Sit Well with Ceaser

black ink crew season 9 episode 19
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It’s a new chapter for Teddy.

Young Bae’s mother comes to visit. She’s not necessarily thrilled when Bae tells her that she and Jay are in an exclusive relationship. 

Teddy catches up with his friend Kris Lofton. He’s a lead actor in “Power Book IV: Force.” Teddy has been acting as well. And he now realizes it’s something he wants to be serious about. He got an opportunity to be in “True to the Game 3.” This time he landed a speaking role. Although he wants to move forward, he’s worried Ceaser won’t be supportive of everything going on. 

And Ceaser seems as if he would just like Teddy to focus on opening up the Milwaukee Black Ink shop. 

Kris thinks Teddy should focus on his dreams and not worry too much about how Ceaser will feel. And Atlanta is a good place to be career-wise.

Ceaser is annoyed with Teddy.

Puma and Ceaser take a small step towards trying to play golf. Teddy FaceTimes them with his “Teddy Bot.” He lets them know he plans to go to Milwaukee to get the lease handled for the new shop. But he also has to be in Atlanta for the private premiere he planned for his new movie. And he’s inviting the crew so they can see how serious he is about acting. After they end the call, Ceaser says he doesn’t like how Hollywood Teddy has been acting lately. 

Young Bae’s mother meets her boyfriend Jay. He confirms they have been together for two months. And he lost his job because producers aren’t supposed to be dating cast members. He tries to tell her they live together, but since she can’t speak English, she doesn’t understand this. Bae is relieved because she’s fearful to tell her mom the truth.

Teddy makes an announcement.

Teddy has the private movie premiere for his new movie. The crew is supportive and impressed by what they see from him on the big screen. 

However, the evening gets awkward after Teddy announces he’s leaving everything in New York behind to live in Atlanta to act full-time. But he’ll still focus on opening up the Milwaukee shop. Ceaser isn’t happy about this but Teddy has already made his mind up.

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