‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Slams Teddy

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Ceaser and Teddy have clashed amid the drama with Cheyenne.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser is dealing with some current challenges in his personal life. His relationship with his daughter Cheyenne has fallen completely apart. She accused him of beating her on social media. Ceaser has denied this, however, Cheyenne’s mother Crystal said she believes their daughter is telling the truth. On top of that, Cheyenne had a nasty back and forth with Ceaser’s girlfriend Suzette on social media. And at one point, Suzette made some controversial accusations about Cheyenne’s s*xual history. After everything went down, Ceaser felt that the best way to fight back was to sue Crystal for defamation. So he held a press conference and insisted that would be his next step.

Teddy has been sitting back and watching everything unfold. And he hasn’t agreed with some of Ceaser’s choices. In fact, he told Ceaser that suing Crystal wasn’t a good way of getting Cheyenne back into his life. He truly feels it would only worsen things between Cheyenne and Ceaser. So he didn’t attend the press conference. Ceaser felt unsupported because of Teddy’s absence.

And when it comes to Suzette, Teddy hasn’t felt good about the relationship at all. He also took issue with the things Suzette said about Cheyenne on social media. So he was relieved when Ceaser told him and Puma that he needed to take a break from their romance after he had a major blowup with Suzette in Colombia. Both traveled there because Suzette needed reconstructive surgery after butt injections caused health issues.

Well, the tension between Ceaser and Teddy will continue to build on the upcoming episode. And Ceaser isn’t feeling it when Teddy decides it’s time for him to focus on his own dreams.

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  1. Cease did the same thing to Sky when she wanted to start her own business. He needs to get over himself and support people close to him having their own things.

  2. Suzette has a long road to recovery. Question…did they get it all? Silicone can move anywhere in the body. If God didn’t bless you with it naturally you’re gonna spend 1000s to get it then 1000s to remove it.
    Second…no one could tell Ceaser anything about Suzette. Not even his child. He chose Suzette and Cheyenne was competing for her Father. Someone was clout chasing…looking for a come up, trying to be a housewife maybe?
    Third…Cease had to get mad to wake up from whatever with Suzette.
    Lastly…Why can’t any of them do what they want now? Both Teddy and Puma are going elsewhere. They’re on some grown men stuff.

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