‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Destiny Payton-Williams Called out by Blogger

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Fresh accusations have LAMH fans talking about Destiny Payton-Williams.

Destiny Payton-Williams and Melody Holt’s fallout has become a focal point on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Melody doesn’t like that Destiny has accused her of leaving her stranded after she decided to take some time to herself after they finished filming. And Melody takes issue with Destiny talking about her to LaTisha Scott. LaTisha is someone Melody doesn’t have the best history with. On the recent episode, Melody addressed Destiny telling Carlos King that she hadn’t spoken to Melody since wrapping up the previous season. So Melody pulled out text messages showing that they were indeed communicating.

Now Destiny is being put on blast by blogger Kempire. This is regarding the scene Destiny had with Maurice Scott. Destiny went to Maurice to get some advice about how to get her finances in order after her divorce from La’Berrick Williams. She told him that she needed to get public assistance. In response to this, Maurice asked, “When you say public assistance, like PPP loan?”

And Destiny said, “No, not a loan, like public assistance to help.”


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Well, Kempire looked up Destiny’s company in the database and reported back to his YouTube subscribers. The information he pulled up showed that Madonni Group LLC received a PPP loan for $20,832.00 from Wells Fargo in March 2021. PPP loan history is public record, and the current season of LAMH started filming last December.

Kempire said, “I just want to point out everything is alleged even though this is a public website. I don’t know why she would deny this. To me, this would make more sense than public assistance. Why would she deny receiving a PPP loan?”

He continued, “I don’t know why she would deny this though. This is a better story than, ‘Oh no, I was on public assistance.’ Everyone has been going down a rabbit hole trying to figure out, ‘Okay, what was this public assistance that you received?’ A lot of people received the PPP loan.”

Destiny has not responded to the accusations as of yet.

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  1. Destiny lies…a lot. But it’s overlooked because people hate Melody. Sis drives a Benz, lives in a huge house, her ex is a successful entrepreneur, and we saw the photo she sent Melody of her on a nice vacation. She is not on public assistance. She just said that to get sympathy from viewers. Destiny turned on Melody for a storyline because she didn’t want to talk about her failed marriage. She’s another Porsha. Being a perpetual victim is how she plans on becoming successful.

  2. I don’t understand how more people didn’t see the holes in her story. She really switched up from boss b-tch energy last season to a needy woman who wants to be pitied because she wanted a storyline that didn’t require her talking about La’Berrick.

  3. She’s pulling a Martell. Scheming for sympathy at Melody’s expense. Very disappointing. I liked Destiny a lot last season. I’m good on her now.

  4. Melody gave Destiny thousands of dollars supposedly too. Imagine giving your friend that kind of money just for them to go on the show and say you abandoned them and you’re some master manipulator. No Destiny is the master manipulator.

  5. Ain’t no shame in a PPP loan. So Destiny may have lied because she wanted fans to feel sorry for her and side with her over Melody. Reality television is a dirty game. People turn on each other for checks and storylines all the time. They will sell their soul like it’s nothing.

  6. So Destiny has thrown Kimmi, Melody and La’Berrick under a bus. Who’s next? Latisha better be careful because eventually Destiny will need another storyline.

  7. It sucks because there are a lot of struggling single mothers and Destiny is in a much better position than most but wants all this sympathy. Why is Carlos allowing her to keep lying every season and not discuss her divorce?

  8. Destiny’s storyline should be her divorce! Melody and Martell opened all the way up about theirs just for everyone else to be fake each season! That’s so unfair!

  9. Exactly Twirl. LAMH wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for Martell and Melody’s transparency. The other cast members are very fake and scripted. This season is lacking because there are no more Melody and Martell scenes. Toxic to say but it’s true.

  10. I’m so disappointed in Destiny. She’s changed so much since last season and it’s not for the better.

  11. He asked why she would lie? Well all he has to do is go on her IG page and read the comments by women saying Destiny being on public assistance makes her more likable and relatable. That’s why she lied.

  12. What is the appeal of this show at this point? It’s gotten just as fake and scripted as Love & Hip Hop and Black Ink Crew.

  13. It’s it funny that this woman is such a liar…. She’s claiming to have been on “Public Assistance” so that the viewers gain sympathy for her and some what make La’Berrick look like he’s not taking care of their child!! Destiny is a total FRAUD…H-ll… sometimes I wonder if Destiny is her real name!!! But yet u telling lies and throwing Melody and La’Berrick under the bus to make yourself look good in the eyes of the viewers…Her and Martell are made to be friends for a reason!!!

  14. I thought she was lying ????. She owns a business, and a home. She’s looking like a liar and a fake. I thought she was cool. Lost all respect.

  15. What a stupid lie to tell. Girl, can not live the life she has and get public assistance. She would have had a lose her house, car, business and everything else to qualify. I am sorry it doesn’t make her look better or garner sympathy. It makes her look laughable and like a lier for saying it. She was was working for her sympathy moments, lying. She should have just admitted the PPL loan.

  16. This woman does the weirdest things. It’s like everything she does is for this show, including that quickie marriage. Hopefully one day she realizes TV fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  17. I didn’t really care for Melody while she was with Martell. She gave me pick me vibes. But since she left him, she bossed up. And I see she now has multiple income streams and thriving businesses. Heard her talk about manifestation and setting goals. I relate to her now and it’s obvious that her glow up has a lot of people pressed out here, including Destiny. I knew Destiny was a hater when she got mad about Melody having family members be her village after her divorce. I also knew she was lying about everything episodes ago. I’m glad others see it too.

  18. No way anyone can get public assistance and own a house, business and paying a carnote on a high end car…..Really Destiny.

  19. Just because this woman wasn’t referring to a loan she may or may not have gotten in this conversation doesn’t make her a liar. A case of a blogger trying to become relevant maybe?? A PPP loan is not public assistance. It’s specifically for businesses. This woman was trying to survive. Folks kill me on this Melody bandwagon. She’s not as sweet as we were all duped to believe.

  20. If anyone here knows about the restrictions and qualifications for public assistance, you knew Destiny was lying the first time she said it. I mean this is clearly just a storyline. Just like this beef with Melody. They are all probably in on it. I mean this is a job. And they have to entertain. This show went from real and raw to too fake and manufactured. I hope everyone gets back to authenticity next season. Carlos let them tell their real stories again.

    1. Ok first Kay, Destiny said public assistance. Second JS is correct just like everyone else, you can not apply for public assistance with all of those assets period, regardless of who you are, that’s govt. She would have been more believable had she said yes to the PPP. Just stupid but hey like I said before “Carlos King”. Everything he touch turns to trash!!!!!

  21. It amazes me how people are quick to criticize someone. We don’t live a day in your life only the few minutes that is being showed on TV. Just because you have a business and own a house doesn’t mean you can’t struggle you can be up today and down tomorrow. Let’s examine our own life and choices that we do before we try to condem someone else life in which we know nothing about.

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