‘Kandi & the Gang’ Recap: Kandi & Todd Question Safari + Dom’Unique Goes off on Rashard

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June doesn’t hold back. 

Dom’Unique catches up with Shawndreca and June after the housewarming drama. They discuss the fact that Patrick and Safari wouldn’t let them inside even though Patrick initially invited them. She’s a bit surprised when the couple expresses they didn’t like that they didn’t leave together when they came together. And June says that Dom’Unique should have been loyal and left when she saw how Shawndreca was being treated. 

But for Dom’Unique, she just didn’t want to cause a scene in front of their bosses. So she cuts their meeting short because she’s upset about June’s comments. 

In a green screen interview, Dom’Unique says Shawndreca should have checked June for the way he came at her.

Shawndreca and June continue to vent their frustrations. 

June comes to OLG to surprise Shawndreca with a new Benz. Before he does, he chats It up with Todd and Patrick. He says that he didn’t like how things went at the housewarming party. And Todd suggests the two couples hang out together so they can see that they can be cordial since Shawndreca and Dom’Unique work together. 

To no surprise, Shawndreca is excited about the new car. Later, June also asks Brian, Rashard, and Torin about how the invite mishap that happened. All of them say they were surprised by what went down. To their knowledge, Patrick invited Shawndreca and June. So they weren’t expecting Safari and Patrick to shut them down.

Shawndreca also ends up talking to Rashard, Bryan, and Torin about that night. She’s upset that Torin pushed her to go, but he didn’t speak up for her. Brian tells her Dom’Unique is the person she should be mad at because they came there together. 

Safari’s first impression of Patrick doesn’t sit well with Kandi and Todd.

Kandi and Todd go on a “triple date” with Patrick, Shawndeca, and their significant others. It’s pretty awkward at first. But Kandi tries to make Safari understand that she doesn’t have to be uncomfortable around Shawndreca just because of her past with Patrick. Both couples also open up about how they first met. June and Shawdreca met on Tinder. Even though it was just supposed to be a hookup for both, they got engaged a month later. 

Safari says Patrick slid in her DMs. She thought he was a trick – a man she would just use to buy her stuff. But then she got to know him. In a green screen interview, Kandi and Todd question who raised Safari to look at men in this way.

Despite the awkwardness, Kandi and Todd are hoping that both couples now realize they can be around each other without it being tense.

Back at OLG, Dom’Unique and Brandon are told by Don Juan that they have to figure out who is leaving and who is staying since they are in a relationship. 

Todd can’t ignore what he feels are red flags.

Patrick talks to Todd about wanting to propose to Safari. Todd is concerned because Safari said she thought he was just a trick. Patrick says Todd and Kandi just haven’t seen her real personality yet. But he knows she’s the one. They are “twin flames.” However, Todd is still seeing red flags. 

Kandi also has a conversation about the trick comment with Safari. She says she didn’t plan to take Patrick seriously at first because he was on social media flaunting his status as a ladies’ man. And he said he wanted to sleep with every woman in Atlanta. 

But Safaree wants to make it clear that despite her initial opinions, she is in love with Patrick. And she loves how much Patrick respects her and he treats her. So Kandi is starting to feel better about the relationship. 

Dom’Unique clashes with Rashard. 

Things go left the next time Rashard, Dom’Unique, Torin, Brian, and Shawndreca hang out. Dom’Unique goes off on Rashard because he said he thought she should have went outside to check on Shawndreca after she wasn’t allowed inside of Patrick’s party. He promptly leaves since he doesn’t want to argue. When Dom’Unique tells Brian she never wants to be around Rashard again, Shawndreca then has another tense moment with Torin. In her opinion, Torin caused all of the drama because he was in charge of putting the event together. 

Both Dom’Unique and Shawndreca leave so nothing is resolved. 

Patrick tells Kandi, Mama Joyce, his mom, and Aunt Bertha he’s proposing to Safari. He shows them the ring and they approve. And he’s thankful that his favorite women are all okay with him taking the next step with Safari.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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