Bambi Addresses Momma Dee’s Controversial Relationship with Shay Johnson

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Bambi was accused of being insecure about Momma Dee’s relationship with Shay Johnson.

Momma Dee has had a lot to say about Shay Johnson‘s pregnancy. In fact, the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” mother has already claimed to be the unborn child’s “glam mother.” So she posts photos from any and all events celebrating Shay’s journey into motherhood. While some fans think it’s wonderful that Momma Dee has so much love for Shay, others have accused her of being messy. They remember the fact that Shay and Bambi don’t have the best history. And they question why Momma Dee hasn’t seemingly made the same effort to get along with her son’s wife.

The other day Momma Dee told her Instagram followers that she can be friends with whomever she chooses. And it’s because of Bambi that Scrappy is currently not speaking to her.

Momma Dee also accused Bambi of being insecure about her relationship with Shay.

Well, people had a lot of questions for Bambi when she went on Instagram Live recently. They wanted to hear her side of things now that Momma Dee has blasted her.

Bambi addresses the recent controversy with Momma Dee.

In response to some of the questions, Bambi said, “Yeah, if y’all came on my page for some bullsh*t like y’all on the wrong f*cking page cause we don’t do that over here. Y’all if y’all don’t see me talking about anything that means I really don’t care bout it. For real. It’s a lot of sh*t I don’t care about.”

She added, “There are a lot of things I care about too but it’s a whole long list of sh*t I don’t care about. I really don’t. So I don’t even bother addressing things that don’t concern me, you know what I’m saying?”

As the questions persisted, Bambi finally addressed the situation. She said, “Can y’all please stop coming over here asking me about some sh*t that don’t have nothing to do with me? Please. It has absolutely nothing to do with me. I don’t care who is friends with who, who take pictures with nobody, that’s not my concern. I just don’t want people mentioning me. That’s all, that’s it. Don’t say nothing about me. Please.”

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  1. Unfortunately when you marry a man you also marry their mother. I couldn’t deal with a Momma Dee. She should be too busy being a grandmother to be as messy as she is. She brings no peace to her son’s life and that’s sad.

  2. Momma Dee can’t even post her pics with Shay without bashing Bambi and throwing shade. If her friendship with Shay was so genuine, she’d stop making it about Bambi. Bambi isn’t insecure, she’s just tired of Momma Dee bringing her up when she has nothing do with what Shay has going on.

  3. I just think it’s kind of weird that fans are making this about Momma Dee’s lack of loyalty to Bambi when it’s really about her lack of loyalty to Scrappy.

  4. If your son is married with kids, as a mother, you should always do what you can to nurture them. You respect his marriage. You treat his wife like one of your own. You love your grandchildren. I don’t find Momma Dee’s behavior acceptable at all. She’s been out of order since season 1. But Shay is loving all of this because she still compares herself to Erica and Bambi. She never got over her relationship with Scrappy and was still talking about it years after he moved on. Meanwhile Scrappy doesn’t discuss her or associate with anyone in her family anymore.

  5. Momma Dee is mos def attempting to take jabs at Bambi and using Shay to do it.
    Poor Shay for not recognizing game once again but this person ain’t banging her.
    Scrappy is finally stepped into some grown man and backing off of his Mother’s breast. I think he’s finally seeing the gaslighting that’s been going on throughout his life.
    Momma Dee doesn’t want Scrappy with any woman because that would be competition for her.

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