Bambi Says Momma Dee Should Have Better Relationship with Grandchildren + Talks Erica Dixon

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Bambi isn’t upset about Shay Johnson and Momma Dee’s friendship.

Momma Dee put Bambi on blast recently on social media. In fact, the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star accused her daughter-in-law of being insecure about her friendship with Shay Johnson. Momma Dee has made multiple social media posts about Shay’s pregnancy. She said she’s the unborn baby’s “glam mother.” And some people have been critical. In their opinion, Momma Dee is just being messy. They believe she’s doing whatever possible to get under Bambi’s skin.

In response to this, Momma Dee has accused Bambi of being insecure, as well as the reason why Scrappy doesn’t talk to her.

During an interview with Raquel Harper, Bambi said she never said she had an issue with Momma Dee and Shay’s friendship, “Well as you can see, honestly, I didn’t say anything. I had never even mentioned to her that I felt like it was a problem with her having a friendship with Shay or anything like that. I honestly don’t care.”

She continued, “I don’t have any type of issue with Shay.”

Bambi was caught off guard by Momma Dee’s latest social media actions.

In Bambi’s opinion, the whole thing started after a fan called Momma Dee out on Instagram, “I don’t know her so why would I even care that Momma Dee and her are friends? So with that being said, I never said anything. She was arguing with a fan who mentioned me up under the post. And so the fan said that it was disrespectful. So then she just went crazy and just started calling me insecure and I’m the reason her and her son isn’t speaking. All kinds of stuff so I just texted her like hey what is going on? I honestly do not care about your friendship. But why are you dragging me into this mess? It has nothing to do with me. Absolutely nothing.”

Bambi also said she didn’t threaten Momma Dee, “Yeah, I’ve seen all these blogs running with that narrative, talking about, ‘Oh she threatened her mother-in-law.’ And I’m like where’s the threat? I said keep that same energy when you see me in person because I had just saw her. And it was like, ‘Oh, hey. My daughter-in-law! Oh my God, I love you!’ You know, all this and then two days later you’re on the internet talking reckless. So I’m just like if you don’t like me, you don’t have to like me.”

She added, “I’ve never been disrespectful to her besides what everybody sees on TV. You know everybody is working. You know what I’m saying? We’re actors and actresses. You know, there are some very real elements of that television show but for the most part, people tryna get they money.”

It may not be possible for Bambi and Momma Dee to ever be on good terms.

Bambi said she’s been respectful, “Yeah, outside of TV, people make assumptions based off what they see on TV. But outside of that, I’ve never been disrespectful to her. I’m always cordial even when I feel like she’s crossed several lines. And she’s taken things completely too far. I’m still respectful to her. I mean this is my husband’s mother. He loves his mother.”

When Raquel described Scrappy as a momma’s boy, Bambi disagreed, “Well, first of all, I wouldn’t say that Scrapp is a momma’s boy. He’s a grown man. He loves his mom, he respects his mom.”

And she said people blame her for Scrappy’s maturity, “He also respects his family and the fact that Scrapp has grown up and he’s a husband and he’s dad to all his children…I think people are kind of like…you know, they can’t really control him and pull him in different directions anymore because he’s a lot more just centered. And so whenever that happens, people want to blame me.”

Bambi isn’t sure she’ll be able to make peace with Momma Dee, “You know, at the end of the day, I don’t know. I don’t really feel like she’s honest about what her differences are and she has created this false narrative about me. And no matter how it goes, people are going to look at me like, ‘Oh my God. You’re jealous, you’re insecure, you’re this and that.’ So at this point, it’s like what else can I do?”

Bambi doesn’t have any beef with Erica Dixon.

She wishes Momma Dee had a better relationship with her grandchildren, “You know, my kids are homebodies. They like to stay home so I don’t really take them out a lot. Momma Dee doesn’t really come to visit a lot so they see her when they see her.” Bambi continued, “No, it’s really unfortunate. I’ve never not allowed her to come over. Sometimes like right now, I’m not even home. And so she could be there now. So it’s not that I don’t allow her to come over. Scrapp is there with the kids a lot, by himself. So if she wanted to have a relationship with them, she just has to put forth a little effort.”

Bambi was also asked about Erica Dixon. And she said she doesn’t have any beef, “Well, you know, I don’t ever see her. So at this point, Emani’s like 17. There hasn’t really been a lot of school functions because you know things are just different with schools and stuff now. So I don’t ever see her.”

She added, “It ain’t never really been no smoke with me…it’s just been like whatever…I ain’t got no smoke with nobody.”

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  1. I hope this is true, but Bambi keep doing you and being a Mother to your children, when a man isn’t speaking with his family or whatever it’s always the girlfriend or wife being blamed. I know this from experience. Momma D needs to take account of her actions, she’s always over stepped her boundaries, she did this with Erica Dixon. She needs to mind the business that pays her. That’s why her son isn’t talking to her. Momma D don’t like no one with her son, I have to disagree with Bambi on one thing tho, Scrappy is a Momma’s Boy. And he’s allowed his Mother to interfere in his relationships

  2. As usual, someone called it on here. Momma Dee spends too much of her time being messy and she should be more focused on being a grandmother. I didn’t care for Bambi at first, but she’s matured a lot and I don’t think she’s the problem here. I wish her and Scrappy the best.

    1. I’m realizing Bambi wasn’t the problem in a lot of situations. Some of us just wanted to be Team Erica so badly back then.

  3. So Momma Dee lied. Why do people defend her and bash Bambi? All Momma Dee does is act like a fool for a check.

    1. Exactly Pat..Momma Dee need a story line so she creates situations ..When she needs to sit her over 60 a** down somewhere..And be a Grandmother…After all..its time..

  4. I’m confused by the narrative. Why would Bambi be insecure or jealous by Momma Dee’s relationship with Shay? Shay is not a threat to her. Scrappy married Bambi and he never had anything serious with Shay. She was giving him money and being embarrassed while he was chasing Erica. And Momma Dee just wants attention hence their “friendship.”

  5. I will admit that in the beginning Bambi came off wrong to me in the relationship even though i liked her separately. Took a good while for me to see the good influence she had on Scrappy. She made him give a f-ck which he didn’t seem to have before. Some people people don’t like change and Momma Dee seems to be like that which is sad. Just let your son be a grown man. Accept that sh-t and live your life.

  6. You only get one momma( scrap is always alone with the kids at home) girl stop disrespecting this woman and you are insecure because Shay was the one, the best friend that would have put scrappy on the right track but he picked you and I don’t know why. You look weird, talk weird, and you seem devilish. If I was his sister it would be on sight. You telling a 59 something year old woman to keep that same energy! Momma dee is your boring a-s storyline weirdo. And you make scrap stay home because you know soon as you ainy around he gonna slang that thang everywhere. Your boring, your passed around, and you need them long a-s teeth knocked out!

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