‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: A1 and Lyrica Snitch on K. Michelle + K. Michelle Goes Off

Marriage Bootcamp Episode 5 Season 19
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The couples struggle to work together while “breaking out” of their rooms.

It’s day five in the MBC house and the patience of the couples is being tested. As Emmet and Gangsta Boo are arguing, A1 and Lyrica anger Dr. Ish and Judge Toler when they seemingly take advantage of the 15-minute rule with their phones. 

K. Michelle and Kastan are irritated when A1 and Lyrica are late to join the others. Rich seemingly irritates Lyrica when they explain how he felt about her hijacking the game.

To up the notch on the couples, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler had producers set up their rooms to lock them in in the meantime. When they are back in the rooms, they’re locked in with clues to use in order to find the keys. One person is blindfolded and the other is handcuffed. The couples are to work together in order to find the keys. 

Each couple struggles to work together as Dr. Ish looks on. K. Michelle and Kastan complete everything first with Emmet and Gangsta Boo failing to complete the task before Dr. Ish intervenes. A1 and Lyrica got to the end but ran out of time as they enter the password for the lock. 

The struggle continues when each couple is “bound” to work together. 

For the next task, Dr. Ish has the couples throw a dinner with each other focusing on a part of the dinner. To make things a challenge, they have to wear oversized shirts and pants. This task really brings out the tension between Rich Dollaz and Mariahlynn as Mariahlynn felt Rich Dollaz was talking down to her. Dr. Ish does his best to calm down the situation.

Meanwhile, A1 and Lyrica struggle to complete their task of putting chairs together. They weren’t the only ones to struggle. 

As things go on, Emmet walks away from Gangsta Boo and Lyrica walks away from A1. K. Michelle and Kastan are done with their task and comment about Lyrica walking away. 

Eventually, the couples join each other for their dinner, a pizza party of sorts. Chairs are missing as A1 and Lyrica failed to put them together. Despite this, their dinner goes well. After dinner, Dr. Ish coaches the couples on the behaviors that appeared during these tasks. Judge Toler then decides to call out Lyrica for her behavior; Rich Dollaz, and Gangsta Boo for how they spoke to their partners.

K. Michelle goes off as A1 and Lyrica demand their phones. 

Things get interesting when the couples go to bed. K. Michelle asks for her phone after with her confessional. A1 and Lyrica see K. Michelle with her phone. They talk to their producers, demanding their phones. Kastan overhears this and tells K. Michelle. She goes off once Kastan tells her about what happened. And this leads to chaos.

The episode ends with A1 screaming at producers demanding his phone, along with Lyrica’s, and K. Michelle is yelling out to Lyrica, ready to fight. 

What are your thoughts about tonight’s episode? 

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