Destiny Payton-Williams Addresses Cause of Divorce + Responds to Public Assistance Drama

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LAMH viewers have accused Destiny Payton-Williams of being too tight-lipped about her divorce.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton-Williams shocked fans when she announced her divorce on the show. The first time viewers met Destiny she was married to Martell Holt’s friend, La’Berrick Williams. And Destiny took issue with Kimmi Scott’s green screen comments. The couples hung out, but Kimmi said she didn’t know much about La’Berrick. And all she knew about him is he makes “good chicken” at his restaurant. Destiny eventually confronted Kimmi about this. Kimmi was caught off guard because she thought her comment was harmless. So she felt like Destiny overreacted because she wanted to have a moment on the show as a newbie. However, she and Destiny were able to hash things out.

Eventually, La’Berrick stopped making appearances on the show. And his absence wasn’t addressed by any of the cast members.

On the previous season, Destiny announced the marriage was over while speaking to Melody Holt. And Melody was surprised to hear that Destiny had officially signed the divorce paperwork.

At the season 3 reunion, Carlos King asked Destiny about the divorce. She didn’t say much except La’Berrick filed just three weeks after she gave birth to their son.

So viewers have had a lot of questions about what went wrong.

Well, Destiny discussed the situation in an interview. And she said the pandemic played a role.

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  1. Destiny shouldn’t have made it sound like you were on welfare. She allowed people to believe that. When asked about a PPL she said no. So she ĺead people to think the worst.

  2. I think Destiny did what she had to do for her new baby. Public assistance of any type is for anyone to get through those uncertain times.
    Everyone contributes to it thru your taxes so yes get it!
    Whatever is whatever…true or false. I don’t live her life. I just go by what I watch. Not shrugging my shoulders about any of them, it’s tv.

  3. Why does everything she says sounds bogus? Sorry but she sounds like she lying and trying to find a story that most people will believe or make her sound interesting.

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