Ashley Darby Makes Interesting Revelation After Confirming Separation from Michael Darby

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The drama continues for Ashley Darby and Michael Darby.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby has been very open about the ups and downs in her marriage to Michael Darby. In fact, they have had explosive moments on the show. They have clashed while trying to run their Oz restaurant together. Longtime fans remember seeing Ashley go all the way off on Michael in the parking lot. Since the business was a source of tension in the marriage, the couple didn’t seem too upset when the venture folded. However, bigger problems were around the corner. And Michael has been put on blast in the media for not being faithful.

Despite how much attention Michael’s discretions have gotten on the show, Ashley has always wanted to work on their marriage. They did separate before, and Michael wanted Ashley out of their penthouse. However, Ashley has been supportive of Michael during his latest controversies which include accusations that he groped a cameraman. Both Michael and Ashley denied that this happened. Charges were dropped. But they couldn’t deny it when Michael was called out for messing around with another woman at a hotel.

Ashley told her RHOP costars that if Michael cheated on her again, she would be exiting the marriage.

Interestingly enough, Ashley confirmed that she and Michael are currently separated. But her latest revelation has some fans talking even more.

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  1. Oh well…it was obvious about these 2 separating. The body language said a lot. Then the accusations about him where Ashley felt the need to defend him was a bit much. I think the only thing he denied was the booty grab.
    They didn’t seem romantic nor loving to each other.

  2. Someone said they think Ashley and Michael are faking a separation so he won’t have to be on the show like that anymore.

  3. @ Tea, that’s actually clever if that’s what they’re doing. He hasn’t been to a reunion and two seasons I think. I do think he’s over being on the show.

  4. Ashley and Michael have been open about their relationship issues. They have been an interesting experience to see play out. At least Ashley has made sure to cover herself and not go back to being broke when it ends.

  5. First of all, I predicted they will not last as her being young and his “d—” size. I have been there and it is not uncommon. Any man with that size will going around and not keep it in their pants unless you get them hook to your know know what..look at Cardi B, hers must be “diamond” for her hubby stopped and only be loyalty to her!

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