RHOA Recap: Kenya & Kandi Question How Marlo Makes Money + Ralph Tries Drew, Again

rhoa season 14 episode 1
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On the season premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree is back. Her boo Tyrone is back from prison as well. And she’s hoping that what they had all these years is very much real now that distance will no longer be an issue for them. 

Kenya has been busy competing on “Dancing with the Stars.” Her divorce from Marc is still not final and she feels he’s being spiteful by dragging it out. 

Drew still has her concerns with Ralph. Now it’s not a secret trip to Tampa, it’s a text message from his former assistant. And Kandi calls out Ralph for crossing the line. 

Sanya is also trying to figure out what’s best for her marriage. While she and her husband want another child, Sanya worries it could harm the relationship because they struggled after their first child. 

And Marlo’s fashion event becomes shady once Kenya is very critical. So their truce is short-lived. 

Here’s a recap for, “The Edge of Fashion.”

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  1. Okay so I really enjoyed this premiere. There were times I actually laughed and laughed hard. I haven’t done that in a long time watching this show. I’m feeling good about the season. Oh, and Kenya was wrong. She made up with Marlo so there was no need to shade her left and right about her event.

  2. Sorry but this episode was boring. The cast lacks chemistry. I hope this season is as good as the cast says it is.

  3. The husbands are beautiful men. I enjoyed this episode a lot. Seems more like old school RHOA where the relationships seemed more genuine and the shade is light hearted. Drew is messy but it’s good for the show. Always loved Sanya.

  4. Where are the Kenya stans? We now see that Kenya started with Marlo first. Thought y’all said it would be the other way around. LOL.

  5. BOARING!!!!! I was really hoping for a good premier but there is NO CHEMISTRY between the cast.I never been BORED with RHOA like i was Sunday….i will keep my fingers crossed it gets better…really lacked Porsha witty silly confessionals and Cynthia pretty face and laugh.

  6. I agree Gloria and Queen. I missed the days when RHOA wasn’t so dark and draining to watch. This just felt right. I laughed and genuinely am interested in the rest of the season now.

  7. Didn’t miss Porsha at all. She darkens the whole show. Yuck. Her energy is nasty and dark. But Cynthia would be perfect with this cast. I hope she comes back next season. Excellent premiere!

  8. For me this episode proved Porsha, Nene, and Phaedra aren’t really needed. The episode was very funny and the shade was just right. And it’s nice to see real friendships again and the husbands being more involved like they used to be. Good job Bravo.

  9. Porsha can stay on that disaster of a spin-off of hers. Simon too. RHOA is finally fun and funny again. Sanya and her husband are such a beautiful couple.

  10. I think the issue is people started to have favorites on RHOA and this has created unreasonable biases. So now they think RHOA can’t survive without certain people. That’s not true though. RHOA is an ensemble show and it’s not a good show if someone tries to be the Queen Bee. This cast works because everyone is contributing and no one thinks they are the It Girl with producers kissing their butt constantly. Let those who are gone stay gone for at least a couple of seasons.

  11. Enjoyed the Episode. Marlo’s fashion event was very nice and different. Loved Kenya’s dress but was disappointed she was asking about food. In my opinion, what was there to eat matched the event.

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