‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: Kat Stands Firm + Lemeir & Nessie Hash Things Out

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 11
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Everyone is moving forward. 

KP has hired new faces over at IAM. Amber and Mz Ink Bomb. Mz ink Bomb is a tattoo artist and Amber microblades. 

Back at Enigma, Kat apologizes to Nessie about the previous drama with their former employee Eric. However, Nessie isn’t sweating it. She knows the environment is better there than it was at IAM. And she feels like she fits in well. She’s hoping she can go from guest spotting to being a full-time artist at Kat’s shop.

Lemeir and Danielle want to help Barbie and Bone work things out.

Danielle and Lemeir welcome their second daughter Sage. Lemeir wants to talk to Bone about his poor treatment of Barbie. He used to be unfaithful at the beginning of his relationship with Danielle. But he’s changed a lot. And he wants Bone to do the same before he loses Barbie forever. Plus, he also wants to talk to Nessie as well. He doesn’t want to lose their friendship over petty things.

Lemeir and Danielle invite Barbie and Bone over. Danielle talks to Barbie. And Lemeir goes outside to have a conversation with Bone. Lemeir urges Bone to fight to get Barbie back. Danielle tells Barbie that she’ll be able to forgive Bone’s past cheating once she sees that he’s serious about making things right. 

Kat is done with Eric.

Eric returns to Enigma. He tells Kat he left because he felt like Enigma was stunting his growth. Kat is insulted by this because the Enigma crew actually taught Eric how to tattoo. Before he came, he only knew how to paint. So she tells him it’s done and he can never return. 

Polo’s son comes to IAM to spend time with him and watch him tattoo. It’s a sweet moment for Polo because he dreamed of this while he was in prison. 

Ceaser has plans.

Nessie and Lemeir hash things out. For Lemeir, he realizes he didn’t handle things right after Nessie and Ken broke up. They agree to repair their friendship because they do still care about each other. 

KP has a great moment when he’s able to perform his new rap song in front of his friends. He’s happy to be able to run his own shop and still focus on making music. 

Ceaser contacts Lemeir, KP, and Tat. He tells them he wants them to be a part of something special for Black Ink. In a green screen interview, Ceaser says he wants Lemeir and KP to finally hash things out.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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