Marlo Hampton Says Kenya Moore Betrayed Cynthia Bailey + Hasn’t Heard from NeNe Leakes

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Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton fell out, again.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton is now officially a peach holder. Many fans wondered if this would ever happen since Marlo has made significant contributions to the show in her friend role. While she did have support from current cast members, she believes Kenya Moore isn’t happy for her. Interestingly enough, the two women hashed things out during the previous season. Marlo apologized for taunting Kenya about her nonexistent relationship with her mother. And Kenya apologized for showing up to Marlo’s wig launch event with a mini marching bad. At the time, Kenya and Marlo weren’t in a good place. So Kenya thought this was a great way to promote Kenya Moore Hair Care while getting even.

While Marlo and Kenya filmed the current season, things began to sour, again. On the season 14 premiere, Kenya was very critical of Marlo’s Le’Archive event. Marlo rented out an expensive ballroom to show off her designer pieces that are available to rent for those in the entertainment industry.

Kenya and the others felt it would have been better if Marlo had a fashion show instead of showing off the pieces on mannequins. However, Marlo wanted to approach things like they do in Paris. So the clothes were displayed in more of a museum-like manner.

Has Marlo Hampton’s friendship with NeNe Leakes lost its spark?

As Kenya shaded the event, she even said she thinks Marlo may make her money by having men pay to spend time with her. But she wanted to stress that she wasn’t saying that Marlo has men pay her for s*x.

Sheree Whitfield and Sanya Richards-Ross didn’t waste any time letting Marlo know that Kenya, as well as Kandi Burruss, were critical of the event. So she called everyone out but it seemed as if Kenya’s actions stung the most. Marlo is already rethinking their truce.

Marlo is convinced Kenya is upset she has a peach. However, during a recent interview, NeNe Leakes was also brought up. And Marlo confirmed that they haven’t talked much since her promotion over at Bravo.

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  1. For years, NeNe said Marlo didn’t deserve a peach. So this isn’t surprising. And I don’t think the RHUGT situation was betrayal on either side. Just a misunderstanding between two people who were going through their own personal stuff at the time. Kenya was going through a divorce. And I think there were rumors about Mike going around at the time. I think Kenya and Cynthia will be friends again.

  2. Marlo needs to stop this narrative. Kenya was one of the main people who pushed for her to get a peach. And NeNe is most likely mad about Marlo having a peach. She probably expected Marlo to turn it down because her insane belief of what loyalty is.

  3. Marlo doesn’t seem to understand her friendship with Nene was never genuine. Nene doesn’t like to see her “friends” win. Porsha is the same way. Yet their fans pretend they can do no wrong. Nasty spirits…

    BRAVO is reaching to give Marlo a peach. Why did she remain a friend for so long? Hmm…maybe Nene had something to do with it but I feel that’s a reach too.
    Marlo is a ‘bone carrier’ and all of them had better watch what they say around her.

  5. They are all bone carriers because that is what they get paid to do. They go from person to person with the “he said she said” sh*t. I don’t think any of them are really good friends. Everything they do together is for a paycheck.

  6. I feel like in RHUGT , Cynthia was being extra and unreasonable to everyone. I actually think on that show Kenya showed a fun and reasonable side , was not with drama just trying to enjoy her time, make connections; especially with what she was going through. However, i do want to say that I dont feel Kenya was really friends with Cynthia and Cynthia waa just blind to the signs. Kenya would throw all kinds of major shade about Cynthia and her business ventures. Kenya saw an opportunity with nene and Cynthia, got in and then fell out with nene leaving Cynthia as a contingency just in case, because Cynthia was popular. Kenya is doing well personally and professionally and don’t need weak minded people like Cynthia, no shade. Kenya would never act like that to kandi like she does Cynthia, because kandi has real money and is not renting anything lol. I can’t blame her though lol, I would want to align myself with productive women with influence and money too lol! It is what it is though.

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