Kenya Moore Responds to Marlo Hampton Accusing Her of Borrowing LisaRaye McCoy’s Car

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore didn’t stay peaceful for very long.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton are back on bad terms. Interestingly enough, they appeared to have made peace during the previous season. Marlo apologized for taunting Kenya about not having a relationship with her mother. As for Kenya, she apologized for showing up to Marlo’s wig launch event with a small marching band. The petty clap back was also used to promote Kenya Moore Hair Care.

After Marlo and Kenya made peace, Marlo said she would take baby steps when it comes to repairing the friendship. She didn’t want to think things were good and then be blindsided by Kenya later.

Well, the season 14 premiere showed the cracks in Kenya and Marlo’s truce. In fact, Kenya had a lot to say when she was at Marlo’s Le’Archive fashion event. Quite a bit of this actually got back to Marlo thanks to Sheree Whitfield and Sanya Richards-Ross. And a lot of bone-carrying happened that night.

On the upcoming episode, the bone-carrying continues. And Sheree tells Kenya about the accusations Marlo made during the event. Kenya responds to the white refrigerator jab, plus she addresses the rumor that accused Kenya of borrowing LisaRaye McCoy’s Range Rover during her first season of RHOA.

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  1. Thing about Kenya is that she is always have a good come back ???????????? I cackled at the chia pet.

  2. When they don’t have tea, they make it up! Kenya is self made and women like Marlo hate on that.

  3. I see Sheree still the bone collector on stand by. That act is so tiring! She can’t hold water! I guess Andy finally caved in and gave her the money to finish her basement. Whatever… Sheree couldn’t wait to show Kenya the basement that Andy built. Even after Kenya dog-walked her about her “…tacky basement”. Sheree needs Kenya’s validation so bad! I’m not a fan of either. Can you tell? ????

  4. Not chia pet! ????????????. Kenya is silly for that one, but she told no lies lol. Marlo seem to want to keep that peach,desperately, she going down the wrong road! Marlo has said allot lately, I guess, but she should not comeback on someone with cussing, it makes her sound less intelligent and frankly tacky. Kenya, I can say, will read without being physical or saying ignorant words to make a point. Some people just struggle with that even as they get older. Sad.

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