‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: Lemeir & KP Have a Breakthrough + Nessie Proves Herself

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 12
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Can Nessie continue to prove herself to Kat?

Nessie has been guest spotting at Enigma for a couple of months. Kat is happy to have her there but she’s still not sure if she can trust that Nessie won’t cause any drama at the shop. So the plan is to see how things go at Ceaser’s upcoming event. He’s having an art show. And it’s there that the Enigma crew can see how Nessie interacts with her former crew.

Ceaser catches up with Kat. He’s excited to have her come out to his art show. And he’s thinking it’s the perfect time to add Kat to the boss circle. 

Blowups are avoided. 

It’s the day of Ceaser’s art show. One positive is Ken apologizes to Nessie for their dramatic breakup. He wants them to be able to be cordial. Nessie is surprised. She accepts his apology and they hug it out.

Interestingly enough, Kat invites Lemeir to guest spot at Enigma since he’s putting opening up his own shop on hold for now. He’s happy to join a positive working environment.

When KP and Lemeir see each other, Lemeir congratulates KP on the shop opening back up. And KP congratulates Lemeir on his baby girl. Both men are happy they could be cordial at the event.

Overall, the event is a success. And Kat happily tells Nessie that there is a full-time spot for her at Enigma. Kat is happy that Nessie didn’t have any blowups with Ken, KO, or Tim.

What are your thoughts on the season finale? 

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