‘Basketball Wives’ Star Brandi Maxiell Calls out Malaysia Pargo

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Malaysia Pargo doesn’t have much patience for drama on the upcoming season of BBW.

Many “Basketball Wives” fans were surprised when they learned Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo are no longer friends. Back on the show, they were very close. They stood up for each other often. Both even took on Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, and Tami Roman when the Miami show combined with “Basketball Wives LA.” After Brandi departed the show, it seemed as if Malaysia and Brandi were still on great terms. However, fans noticed that Malaysia and Brandi continued to interact less and less over the years. Then it became radio silence.

With Brandi making her big return to “Basketball Wives” on the upcoming season, fans will finally find out what led to her fallout with Malaysia. But another look at the new episodes may have given a little insight ahead of the premiere.

VH1 recently caught up with the cast to ask them who was the MVP of Season 10. Malaysia said she’s the MVP because she’s unbothered. In one scene, Malaysia told Jackie Christie that she is okay with stepping away from the group.

“If I am the problem, I’m going to remove myself. I don’t have it in me, I don’t.” In her interview, she also said, “Can’t take my joy, b*tches.”

Brandi Maxiell requires more from her friends.

In another scene, Brandi tells Malaysia that her issue is that Malaysia was going around telling people they were good when they weren’t, “You’re telling people that we’re good. That’s where I have a problem…”

Brandi also said that she doesn’t want friends who aren’t really there for her, “I no longer need anyone in my life that’s not really there for me.”

It seems as if Malaysia and Brandi’s friendship may have taken a hit because Brandi felt Malaysia wasn’t there for her the way she wanted her to be at a certain point. However, fans will surely find out what went wrong in their friendship when the show returns on May 16 at 8/7c on VH1.


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  1. I mean sometimes people forget that you have your own CRAP going on… it can’t always be about you and yes you had cancer Brandi but that doesn’t mean other peoples lives or problems stop. And how she gonna say Malaysia wasn’t there for her we seen Malaysia go against a whole cast for Brandi

  2. I forgot how annoying and bratty Brandi can be. I do not understand grown women who pick fights with their friends because they feel they aren’t getting enough attention.

  3. You see I don’t understand sh-t like this. Brandi’s husband has done much worse and put her through literal h-ll, but she forgave him. She’s still with him too. But it’s Malaysia she has all this smoke for. It’s crazy how women will turn on each other for the pettiest stuff but forgive men for blatant and constant disrespect. Malaysia has 3 kids. She’s a single mother. Sorry she didn’t call you enough Brandi. Or make it all about you when you wanted her to. This reminds me of Destiny/Latisha and Melody. Some women will truly hate you if you don’t center your whole universe around them. But they will never keep the same energy for men who actually do treat them horribly.

  4. While watching the show, I kept thinking how Brandi needs to grow up. Even though she made the first move towards Malaysia, she showed herself as being negative and petty behind Malaysia not knowing her father passed. Unfortunate

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