‘Basketball Wives’ Star Brandi Maxiell Calls out Malaysia Pargo

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Malaysia Pargo is no longer on good terms with Brandi Maxiell.

Basketball Wives” returns next Monday and viewers have heard plenty of rumors. For months now, it’s been rumored things got violent while the cast filmed. In fact, it was alleged that Malaysia Pargo got into an altercation with Brooke Bailey. When fans asked Brooke if this was true while she answered questions on Instagram, Brooke wouldn’t confirm or deny it. So this made some fans believe that they actually did come to blows.

Interestingly enough, it’s also been rumored that Malaysia isn’t in a good place with most of the cast at this point. And some of the others didn’t even want to film with her. So Malaysia was somewhat iced out of the group. She reportedly filmed most of her scenes with Jackie Christie, as well as sisters Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey.

Then it was rumored Malaysia decided not to film altogether when the cast got closer to wrapping up the upcoming season.

One of Malaysia’s other big feuds that supposedly will play out on the show is the one she has with Brandi Maxiell. They used to be very close. However, fans noticed on social media that the connection was no longer there. Now another look at the new season may give some insight as to why Malaysia and Brandi are no longer close.

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  1. I mean sometimes people forget that you have your own CRAP going on… it can’t always be about you and yes you had cancer Brandi but that doesn’t mean other peoples lives or problems stop. And how she gonna say Malaysia wasn’t there for her we seen Malaysia go against a whole cast for Brandi

  2. I forgot how annoying and bratty Brandi can be. I do not understand grown women who pick fights with their friends because they feel they aren’t getting enough attention.

  3. You see I don’t understand sh-t like this. Brandi’s husband has done much worse and put her through literal h-ll, but she forgave him. She’s still with him too. But it’s Malaysia she has all this smoke for. It’s crazy how women will turn on each other for the pettiest stuff but forgive men for blatant and constant disrespect. Malaysia has 3 kids. She’s a single mother. Sorry she didn’t call you enough Brandi. Or make it all about you when you wanted her to. This reminds me of Destiny/Latisha and Melody. Some women will truly hate you if you don’t center your whole universe around them. But they will never keep the same energy for men who actually do treat them horribly.

  4. While watching the show, I kept thinking how Brandi needs to grow up. Even though she made the first move towards Malaysia, she showed herself as being negative and petty behind Malaysia not knowing her father passed. Unfortunate

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