LAMH Recap: Marsau is Accused of Being in a Hotel with Another Woman

LAMH Season 4 episode 8
Photo Credit: OWN

LaTisha and Melody speak about Marsau’s cheating allegations.

Tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” begins with Destiny and Stormi having to be separated after they stood up across from the table during their verbal altercation. Melody does her best to calm the situation down. Destiny felt “poked” by Stormi at the table. Meanwhile, Stormi felt mocked by Destiny.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevail and things calm down. However, things turn back up when Melody and LaTisha spoke about the detonation of their friendship. Of course, Marsau’s cheating allegations and Martell’s infidelity came up. LaTisha felt Melody was lying and Melody stands her ground regarding speaking about Marsau’s cheating allegations. In fact, LaTisha demands Melody shows proof of Marsau’s alleged infidelity, and Melody says she never lied to her.

LaTisha then slams Melody for having another baby with Martell when he had an affair for years.

It’s at this point, that Melody tells LaTisha to “kiss her a**,” and walks out.

The next day, Maurice brings Kimmi breakfast in bed and roses to begin their Valentine’s Day. Kimmi tells Marsau about what happened during her “Galentine’s Dinner”. Kimmi lets Maurice know about Stormi and Destiny getting into it amid Melody and LaTisha’s feud.

They then talk about the invites of Melody and Martell to Jaylin’s housewarming. Maurice feels much of the tension in the group centers around Melody. He then asks if Martell can show up if Melody doesn’t come. However, Kimmi isn’t moved. She reminds him that Melody isn’t the one who caused drama in her life. It was Martell since his mistress accused Maurice of cheating on social media.

Despite this, Maurice is still riding for Martell. And he tells Kimmi she must be “Team Mel.”

Maurice uses this moment to call Martell to “get to the bottom” of why Martell isn’t invited.

Kimmi tells Martell that she doesn’t want to be involved in any drama.

In the end, Maurice wants all of them to sit down to squash this tension to lighten the mood. Maurice tells Kimmi that he not only planned a trip to Miami, he even packed their bags. This makes Kimmi happy.

Wanda confronts Marsau, again.

Meanwhile, Marsau’s outside the cigar lounge seemingly waiting patiently. He’s waiting on Miss Wanda to show up. Eventually, she arrives. He seemingly insults Wanda when he points to a sink full of dishes, asking her to wash them. Wanda uses the moment to tell Marsau about a new photo that caused a stir on social media. This time, it’s a photo of a man in an Atlanta hotel bed without a shirt. He’s face down. And Marsau has been accused of being the man pictured.

She asks Marsau if it was him and Marsau skirts around the question, further frustrating Wanda. He even tells Wanda he doesn’t even know what his back looks like.

Wanda warns him that his reputation and marriage are on the line. Oddly enough, he does admit that he was in Atlanta the day it was alleged the photo was taken. And he was there with a “friend.”  He also tells Wanda that he built up enough trust not to be questioned like this. In fact, his story isn’t changing. He also tells her no one will ever have “receipts” about him.

Stormi’s willing to talk to Destiny.

Next, Melody visits Stormi who’s at home with her newborn son. After greeting the baby, the ladies recap what happened at Kimmi’s event. Melody says LaTisha is in denial and feels she would rather attack her than confront Marsau about the allegations. Meanwhile, Stormi was confused about why Destiny mocked her and had aggression toward her.

Melody does tell Stormi that Destiny can be aggressive. She then reveals Destiny called her and Melody let Destiny know that she and Stormi should sit down and squash whatever tension they had. Stormi agrees but warns Melody about Destiny needing to be respectful.

LaTisha seemingly stands behind Marsau.

After meeting with Marsau, Wanda meets with LaTisha to tell her about her time at Blaque. Not only did she feel disrespected by Marsau during her shadow time, Wanda tells LaTisha about the newest cheating allegations. Wanda shows LaTisha the photo and asks if she believes it’s him. LaTisha says she doesn’t want to acknowledge these allegations and says she knows what goes on in her household. In fact, she can pull up on him at any time and he’s going to be where he says he is going.

LaTisha also says Marsau’s tired of the allegations and says he’s telling the truth. But LaTisha’s eyes get big when Wanda says he was in Atlanta in a hotel room with a friend. 

LaTisha responds to Wanda saying she and “the media” are doing all they can to break up her family.

Martell gets messy about Melody’s friendships.

It’s nighttime in Huntsville and Martell wants to meet up with Louis and Tiffany. Martell says the Whitlows have been supportive of him and wanted to show support for them. It was Louis and Tiffany’s first time seeing Martell since the failed book signing. Tiffany says Melody told her the kids were attending a funeral. Marsau felt frustrated by this as he wanted Melody to let him know about this beforehand.

Next, Tiffany tells Martell about what happened at Kimmi’s dinner, precisely what happened with Destiny and Stormi. Martell tells Tiffany once Stormi tells Melody no, that’ll be the end of their friendship. He also says he warned Destiny about Melody. Lastly, he invites Louis to Atlanta for a wine tasting event.

Lastly, LaTisha stops outside a restaurant and calls Marsau. She asks Marsau to come outside to speak to her. When he walks out, she tells him to get into the car. He seemingly knows what she’s going to talk to him about.

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  1. Latisha, you need to face realty about your husband and stop laying blame on Mel for his infidelity! With all those acresations out there for the world to see, everybody can’t be lying!Think about it!!

  2. Latisha knows he is doing something but she does not want to accept it. Marsau likes playing those mind games with her because he is a cruel person. He fuels the fire by putting sh*t on social media then wait for a reaction then he talks Tisha down like a pup. How sad

  3. LaTisha know what he’s doing but don’t know how to use the education/degrees she claim to have. Put them to work learn what it takes to be a strong black women. I definitely stand by my man and will go toe to toe with the next woman defending him. However, he know I don’t need his checks to survive and live comfortable. He know our family will continue to live a great lifestyle with or without him. She (LaTisha) doesn’t display that strength. In her words “ I will divorce you and take everything he has” Stand on your own too feet, I pray you don’t raise your daughters to overlook and accept the crap their father is doing to you. There’s plenty of women that are kept women but still have common sense. Please wake up, you make it soooo easy for him. Marsau, stop the BS you have 2 daughters, do you want a man to treat them like you treat their mother? Calm on Marsau daughters normally pick their men from the image of their father.

  4. I believe she been knowing what he’s doing she just doesn’t want it to be broadcast on the show for the world to see, so she’s in denial and instead of taking it out on her husband she’s placing all the blame on Melody even tho Martell was the one who brought it to light on the first place. The way Marsau answers everytime he gets confronted let’s me know that he been doing this for years and been getting away with, Latisha believes him everytime, he clearly doesn’t respect his marriage very much and deep deep down Latisha believes he’s cheating she just doesn’t have proof yet.

  5. LaTisha don’t let other people destroy your marriage. They’re trying real hard to give you the “I’m a single mom” label . Use your judgment and make your decision. Don’t let other people cause you to be lonely.

    1. There isn’t enough time or characters to break down how problematic and ignorant this comment is. I truly pity women like you.

  6. @ May Collins

    You sound just like Latisha and Wanda. Ain’t nobody trying to destroy that marriage. Marsau is doing a great job of it all by himself. Y’all really expect all women to have that outdated, pick me/male-identified mindset you proudly have. Nah, we’re good over here. Being married just for the sake of being married because you hate yourself too much to find comfort in solitude is a YOU problem. Leave everyone else out of it. Try therapy. It works for many.

    To everyone else, marriage isn’t easy. It’s extremely important to marry someone who respects you and is loyal to you. Men like Marsau are not a prize. Choose well. Being a single mother is not some badge of shame, especially when you chose your happiness and peace over wearing “wife” t-shirts and looking stupid on national television. A lot of women are screwing up their children because they were too afraid to leave a bad marriage.

  7. Martell is always bashing Melody any chance he gets. He wonders why Melody don’t communicate with him. He had nerve to say If she would have told him about the funeral he would of understood. Who gives a flying Freak about your understanding, you should have scheduled the book signing on your week with the kids. Martell is a joke for real. I wouldn’t talk to him or film with him neither.

    I agree with LaTisha where’s the proof. I don’t listen to any rumors about my man I need proof , pictures, videos, etc. It seems like this show is another Love and hip hop now. What happened to successful Black couples building up their community. Now it’s gossiping and arguing every episode. I’m actually done watching this mess.

  8. I had a conversation with a black man one day because I was just curious about how men think. I asked him if he would continue to hang out with any of his friends if they were cheating on their wives when they hung out. And he told me he wouldn’t. When I asked why he said he’s not into that type of lifestyle so it makes no sense to be around men who are. Makes sense and this is why I do think Marsau and Maurice aren’t faithful. They saw Arionne around Martell and continued to hang out with him. And they certainly looked unbothered in that group photo from the club in Atlanta that night. I don’t think Arionne is lying. I don’t think Martell lied. And I don’t think Melody lied. I also think it’s Marsau in that picture because it definitely looks like him. And the screenshots I’ve seen of him DM’ing other women also look legit as well. At some point, women have to have common sense. Maurice and Marsau won’t cut off Martell no matter how many times he has said they both cheat because it’s true. Latisha and Kimmi play dumb because they don’t want to leave.

  9. These women look crazy as h-ll arguing about who was dumber in their sorry marriages. The crazy thing is Martell caused all this mess. He has said Marsau, Maurice, and Louis are all cheaters. Yet, they all continue to hang with him and these “men” only have smoke for Melody. Latisha looks stupid being this mad at Melody when her own husband wants to break bread with the same man who has the whole world thinking he’s cheating and the mistress backing him up in interviews and IG. So if they ain’t mad at Martell, I’m going to keep assuming that Marsau and Maurice do cheat because ain’t no way I’m staying cool with someone who lied on me. Either you can do the math or not but it ain’t that hard to see what’s really going on. And I honestly think Marsau has some low key s-xual attraction to Melody. He has too much to say about her and her momma. And his brother is weird about them too. That ain’t normal.

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