Melody Holt Says LaTisha Scott Crossed the Line with Comment About Her Child

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Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott can’t stand each other.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott had a nasty fallout. It all started after Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of cheating. In fact, he accused Marsau of cheating with “20 different women.” Martell would later say he only said this because he was upset that Marsau joked about his longtime affair on the show. It was a sensitive topic for Melody. And Martell thought it was wrong for a friend to joke about something that caused issues in his marriage.

Interestingly enough, Melody and LaTisha’s friendship also began to suffer as a result of Martell’s accusations. Even though Martell eventually backtracked, Melody didn’t. When LaTisha asked her about the accusations, Melody told her to go out at night to see what Marsau is up to. LaTisha clapped back by accusing Martell of buying his former mistress a car. So Melody got even by hopping on Twitter and alleging that she knows a woman Marsau allegedly had an affair with.

Melody and LaTisha eventually tried to move on from the drama. However, LaTisha struggled to actually let it go. She also accused Melody of trying to ruin her marriage. Realizing that LaTisha was not moving on, Melody gave up on trying to be cordial. And she was really heated when LaTisha accused her of not knowing how to be a friend at the reunion. This came after Destiny Payton-Williams questioned her friendship with Melody.

Melody Holt wanted to set the record straight.

On the latest episode, LaTisha and Melody had a heated moment. LaTisha confronted Melody about inviting her cousin Keke to her slumber party. So an argument ensued.

Fans have been pretty vocal about the preview for the upcoming episode. At one point, an upset Melody tells LaTisha that Marsau allegedly cheats on LaTisha “every day.”

Well, Melody recently explained what led to her saying this. And she made a controversial accusation.

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  1. Yeah I can understand why saying that would upset Melody. Regardless of how awful her marriage was, she loves her daughter. And she wasn’t a mistake or bad decision. I really wish the children wouldn’t be dragged into these childish beefs. This show is too toxic now and I don’t really like it like I used to. Too much bickering and not enough boss moves.

      1. LaTisha obviously can’t stand Mel. Not sure what’s behind it. I missed those episodes. Did Marsau ever cheat on her?

  2. It’s so much said and not said. Melody had to deal with a lot regarding her ex-husband. Now, she’s dealing with co-parenting with a man who thinks the error of his ways should be over looked. However, Mel is in feelings a bit and she’s not coming across genuine like she use to. Mel appears to pretend she’s concern about others but in reality right now she not and it’s ok because she trying to navigate her own situation. Mel I would say step away from the show to gather yourself. A part of your life was played out on television. An ex-husband repeating or justifying his cheating on you not pleasing him in bed. NO WIFE wants to hear that in private let alone on television. You need a break for television and social media. Be with your children and create memories with them. Enough filming they (children) don’t need to be in this saga.

    1. Everything you said !

      I think she is also over the cast, they knew what her ex was doing and didn’t say anything in private.

  3. I agree it is time to let it go for now. Living well is the best revenge. Let Latisha, Wanda and Marsau live their best lives or whatever they want to call it. Marsau will continue to disrespect, lie to, dictate to and disregard Latisha whether you are on the show or not so save yourself and your children and go now

  4. I honestly don’t understand why Latisha couldn’t just accept Melody’s apology last season and moved on from this. She’s more upset about Melody hearing about Marsau cheating than Marsau being in hotels with other women. Makes no sense. I’m over this feud. And I hope storylines will be fresh next season.

    1. When you come for other people marriages with know proof expect to get it however. Mel only suspect Marsau is cheating know proof no receipts.

      You expected Tosha to throw away her marriage & you staying your marriage five yrs & had another baby with him the same age as his side chick baby. Make it make sense Mel.

      1. I’m really starting to understand why so many women get cheated on. A lot of you aren’t smart. And nether is Latisha.

      2. Huh? It’s never okay to talk about children. They are innocent. What is wrong with you? I’m getting so turned off by this show. Even the fans are too toxic. I won’t engage again.

      3. Not surprised to see a grown woman not feel the need to protect an innocent little black girl. Misogynoir is never going away. And it starts with little black girls.

      4. There are receipts. She just doesn’t plan to leave Marsau because her momma told her that having a husband makes her better than everyone else. LOL. Latisha takes her anger out on Melody because standing up to Marsau ain’t in her.

    2. Someone on a different blog said that Carlos told Latisha that her job was on the line so that’s why she is been too extra. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it was apparently on one of those own Insta lives.

  5. Soooo…..repeatedly insinuating and/or saying that LaTisha’s husband is cheating is not below the belt, Mel? You can’t keep saying stuff about people’s marriages and then get mad at how they respond to you. The reason LaTisha probably made the comment about Martell’s cheating is because Mel keep saying Marsau is cheating like she was not just cheated on by Martell 5 minutes ago.

    1. Why are y’all more angry at Melody and not Martell or Marsau, the two men who started all of this? Marsau was the one joking and laughing about Martell’s affair season one. Martell responded by saying Marsau cheated too. His mistress confirmed such. Latisha approached Melody about it instead of her husband or Martell because she’s male identified and doesn’t have enough common sense like a good bit of women. Stop deflecting and obsessing over Melody. Latisha’s biggest problem is Marsau. She’s still mad about an argument she had with Melody almost 5 years ago because she’s too chicken sh-t to stand up to her disrespectful husband who called her family ghetto to her face last season. He’s been photographed in hotel beds with other women. Rant about that.

      1. LaTisha is mad at Mel because she keeps saying Marsau is cheating with no receipts. LaTisha can handle her marriage any way she sees fit. If Marsau is cheating, then nobody can make LaTisha leave him until she is ready to do so. Just like nobody could make Mel leave Martell until she was ready to do so. There is no reason for Mel to keep repeating that man is cheating over and over. It’s ridiculous.

        1. Nope. Latisha keeps bringing up the cheating stuff. Not Melody. Rewatch last season. Last season Melody apologized and invited Latisha to therapy. Latisha came and said she’s still mad at what happened 5 years ago. Melody let it go. They get to the reunion and Latisha says Melody wants to ruin her marriage. Again, Melody let it go. Said nothing. Now they are here and Latisha tells Melody she was dumb to have her daughter and Melody finally gets mad and tells her she can’t judge because she’s been cheated on too. That’s the theme. Y’all ignore every nasty and childish thing Latisha does and when Melody finally matches the energy, it’s a problem. And y’all change the narrative. But at least Melody has enough sense to not talk about Latisha’s children even though she doesn’t mind dogging out the Holt kids. Melody is supposedly the devil but y’all are blind to how mean Wanda and Latisha are to children. Keep the hypocrisy going.

        2. And I will go back and forth with you all day because I’m tired of the hypocrisy. Y’all love to make Melody out to be evil but won’t say a word about Wanda and Latisha coming for innocent children and having their family members threaten and harass Melody on the internet. So let’s talk about it. I have plenty of time today.

          1. Don’t let Latisha’s stans rile you up. They are fake mad just like Latisha. Marsau is the only person they need to have this kind of smoke for. He disrespects Latisha to her face on and off the show. Making Melody out to be the problem is just another way to avoid discussing the obvious. Latisha and Melody both married problematic men. Doesn’t make sense to hate each other when the men are the problem.

          2. Exactly Pat. Seeing these women arguing when the men are the problem and started all this mess is crazy. Misogynoir has a chokehold on people. Latisha and Melody both deserve better and they should be friends. Their husbands caused all of this. Just leave the kids out of it.

        3. “LaTisha is mad at Mel because she keeps saying Marsau is cheating with no receipts.”

          LOL. Well this isn’t true. They had that argument in season 1. It’s season 4. Melody hasn’t said anything again about it until now, after Latisha tried to shame her about having another baby. So Latisha has been mad since season 1 and it’s because she knows deep down inside Melody isn’t lying. Marsau could be having s-x in a video with another woman right now and Latisha would still be more angry at Melody. She’s not strong enough to be mad at the source – her husband.

    2. If you think it’s acceptable to speak on innocent black children in a nasty fashion like Latisha and Wanda have done repeatedly, you’re not the morally upright person you think you are. Some of you really need to do better. Y’all allow a reality show to make you such nasty people and it’s sad.

    3. Melody’s daughter is an innocent little black girl. But I’m not surprised that you and others don’t feel the need to protect her or acknowledge her value. Misogynoir starts young unfortunately. I hope one day you’ll know better but that’s naive of me.

  6. I am sick and tired of seeing women being dumb and putting all their energy into being mad at Melody when Marsau treats Latisha like trash for the world to see. Latisha is deflecting her anger to Melody as always because she doesn’t have the courage to leave her sh-tty marriage. Use your common sense, no man keeps hanging with another man and his mistress if he’s faithful to his wife! How many more photos need to pop up on the internet of Marsau cheating and flirting with other women before y’all stop deflecting to Melody? It’s weird. This whole cast has a weird obsession with deflecting and obsessing over Melody instead of focusing on their own problems. One woman should not have this many people pressed.

    1. Pat is right!!! These women are arguing and have ruined their friendship and the men are the problem. Marsau and Martell are still talking to each other but Melody and Latisha are at each others throats. Women are so quick to discard each other for a man. Latisha needs to pay attention because Marsau does not side with her in anything. And Martell well that situation speaks for it self. They are mot worth ruining a friendship over

  7. I truly don’t care too much about grown people bickering on reality shows. I understand that is part of the job. But it’s disturbing that Latisha, Wanda, and their supporters think it’s absolutely fine to put down and disregard innocent black children all for some stupid a-s beef. Y’all really hate little black girls and it’s sick. But I didn’t expect different.

  8. Some of y’all are being slow on purpose. Melody said in this video she can be messy as f-ck and she’s knows it. She stands by that sh-t. But saying she shouldn’t have had her daughter is some sadistic a-s sh-t. Martell ain’t sh-t but why the f-ck does she need to regret any of her kids? The f-ck is wrong with y’all? It ain’t that serious. And as messy as Melody is, she still doesn’t come for anyone’s kids. No one should. Who raised y’all?

  9. Latisha, Marsau, Wanda and Mark are attention seekers. Little timid Latisha is trying to puff her chest and talk sh*t. But bringing someone’s children into the mix is not a good idea because that sometimes never ends well. Latisha reminds me of a little yapping dog. All bark but no bite. And Marsau treats her like a lap dog. Melody needs to drop her pride and stop talking about Marsau cheating. Who really cares if he is or if he is not. Latisha will stay with him so let it go

  10. I want Melody and LaTisha to both win. I’m glad some of y’all realize that the men are the problem and these beautiful women shouldn’t be fighting. I hate seeing all these women going at it while the messy men move on in two days like nothing happened.

  11. Melody’s response is justified – don’t drag children into this! She only called her out of her name, she did not drag her by that wig.

    Latisha is content with her marriage as it is so the viewers not to accept that and let it go.

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