Shaunie O’Neal Reveals Where She Stands with Brandi Maxiell After ‘Basketball Wives’ Drama

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Brandi Maxiell and Shaunie O’Neal clashed years ago.

Years ago, Brandi Maxiell and Shaunie O’Neal had a lot of drama. In fact, the “Basketball Wives” stars couldn’t stand each other. So when the group came together, the tension was thick. Brandi never had an issue with speaking her mind. So she called Shaunie out. And things really went left when Brandi told Shaunie that she was acting “like a b*tch.” But it got even worse when Brandi told Shaunie that she is a b*tch. In response to this, Shaunie said, “Thank you for your services.” It was at this point that it seemed as if Shaunie wanted Brandi off of the show. And with her being an Executive Producer, cast members thought Brandi went too far.

However, Brandi and Malaysia Pargo just didn’t like how Shaunie and the Miami crew were moving. In their opinion, Shaunie looked down on them. And so did Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman.

Eventually, Shaunie seemed to get her way. Brandi was pushed off the show. But Malaysia remained.

Interestingly enough, Brandi makes her official return to the show on the upcoming season. And season 10 put her friendship with Malaysia back into the spotlight. As of now, they are not on good terms. This will all play out on the new episodes.

While Brandi may not be in a good place with Malaysia, fans have wondered where she stands with Shaunie. And Shaunie gave an update.

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  1. I am so here for the new BBW season! Bring on the drama! I really enjoyed watching Malaysia and Brandi’s friendship on the show. Hopefully they find their way back to each other. So Jackie and Doug still getting married every year. And I can’t get one marriage in! Doesn’t seem fair. ????????

  2. I still can’t believe Ms. Shaunie and Ms. Brandi made up. Those two couldn’t stand each other for a long minute! Makes me want to call my ex-best friend from college who stole my girl behind my back. I’ve been angry for a long time. Maybe it’s time for me to let that go. ????

  3. I’m curious to see how this season is going to be now that the LA girls are back. I really liked them.

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