Shaunie O’Neal Reveals Where She Stands with Brandi Maxiell After ‘Basketball Wives’ Drama

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Shaunie O’Neal found love.

Brandi Maxiell is not on good terms with Malaysia Pargo. This will be a focal point on the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” And fans want to know just what happened to make their friendship fall apart. Interestingly enough, Brandi had bad blood with Shaunie O’Neal the last time she was on the show. Shaunie didn’t like that Brandi called her a b*tch during a heated moment. Since Shaunie was an Executive Producer, she thanked Brandi for her services. Eventually, Brandi was fired from the show.

On the season 10 premiere, Shaunie and Brandi’s past issues are addressed. And so is Malaysia and Brandi’s fallout.

In a preview, Shaunie and Jackie Christie are out shopping. While catching up, Shaunie gushes about the man in her life. She recently got engaged to Keion Henderson months ago. He’s a pastor.

In a green screen interview, Shaunie says, “I’ve dated for the past few years and nothing was super serious. And it sucked. So I just kind of took it like, ‘Okay. Here’s another date.’ And it was just something more there. It was deeper. The conversations were different. I guess they say you know when you know and I know. So hopefully, I’m right.”

She also tells Jackie that Keion is easy to love, “I just think that it’s easy to love him and be with him.”

Brandi Maxiell and Shaunie O’Neal are in a good place.

Jackie is still happily married to Doug Christie. They still get remarried every year. And at their latest wedding, the drama between Malaysia and Brandi came up.

“Listen, the wedding was amazing. But I really feel bad about the whole tiff with Malaysia and Brandi. I didn’t even know. Did you know that they had an issue?”

Shaunie said she had no idea they had beef, “It’s like, okay, they’re not kicking it like they were. But I could never imagine them having beef.”

Jackie was shocked that the situation made Malaysia leave the wedding early, “Up until my wedding, I had no idea that they had any issue at all. Then all of a sudden Malaysia walks over to me and Doug. She goes, ‘Thank you guys for inviting me. I’m leaving.'”

She continues, “I was shocked.”

Jackie then circled back to Shaunie and Brandi, “I know you and Brandi…I don’t know where you guys stand.”

Interestingly enough, Brandi and Shaunie are on good terms, “No, we’re good. But I am gonna see her while we’re here. And maybe find out what’s going on between her and Malaysia cause for them to have a thing is odd. So I’ma ask.”

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  1. I am so here for the new BBW season! Bring on the drama! I really enjoyed watching Malaysia and Brandi’s friendship on the show. Hopefully they find their way back to each other. So Jackie and Doug still getting married every year. And I can’t get one marriage in! Doesn’t seem fair. ????????

  2. I still can’t believe Ms. Shaunie and Ms. Brandi made up. Those two couldn’t stand each other for a long minute! Makes me want to call my ex-best friend from college who stole my girl behind my back. I’ve been angry for a long time. Maybe it’s time for me to let that go. ????

  3. I’m curious to see how this season is going to be now that the LA girls are back. I really liked them.

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