Sheree Whitfield Drags Drew Sidora After Recent Drama on RHOA

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Sheree Whitfield and Drew Sidora are clashing on the current season of RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield is back after being away for a few seasons. Before her departure, Sheree was dragged into Kim Zolciak’s feuds with the others. They took issue with comments Kim made. Plus, Kim had been accused of receiving preferential treatment from producers. So at the time, Sheree seemed like Kim’s only true ally on the show. This caused her to also be at odds with the other women. As a result, fans weren’t surprised when it was confirmed that Sheree would not be returning for season 11. Well, Sheree is on season 14. And just a couple of episodes in, and she’s already having quite a bit of drama with Drew Sidora.

On the previous episode, Sheree was once again told that Drew said they have an assistant in common named Anthony. However, Anthony told Drew he had to stop working with Sheree. And he accused her of not paying him for his work. Drew believed Anthony because she said that Sheree doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to doing business with others.

When Drew and Sheree attended Brooklyn Daly’s birthday party, the issue was addressed. And Sheree and her friend let Drew know that Anthony has also allegedly been saying things about her and Ralph Pittman. They accused Anthony of telling other people that Ralph is gay.

Well, things only worsened between Sheree and Drew by the end of the episode. To no surprise, they continued to exchange jabs on social media, too.

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  1. Drew really started a fight with Sheree because of someone who was talking about her and her husband behind her back. Mess.

  2. I mean Drew’s marriage ain’t great from what we see but Sheree was really in love with a criminal. Like madly in love with a prison bae just for him to give her his a-s to kiss when he got out of prison.

      1. Tyrone didn’t want Sheree’s love. He used her and he’s been bashing her in interviews. You and Sheree need to smarten up. There’s a reason why it’s a packed house in the visitor center of a men’s prison but it’s ghost town in the visitor center of a women’s prison. Ask Papoose. He was the only man there when he went to visit Remy. I truly wish black women would wake up already. We’re the only ones who buy into this ride or die nonsense. Everyone else chooses partners they can build an actual future with. The statistics are depressing. Do better.

  3. I saw this Anthony character on a You Tube reality series and he was VERY MESSY and CAMERA THIRSTY…i was surprised to find out he was the same Anthony that was spreading rumours to Jackie about Malaysia on BBW a few seasons back….they both need to LET HIM GO or ALL THEIR BUSINESS will have the streets TALKING LOUDLY.

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