Mariahlynn Defends Sticking Around Despite Not Meeting Rich Dollaz’s Mom

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Rich Dollaz just isn’t sure about Mariahlynn.

Mariahlynn and Rich Dollaz’s romance was a shock to “Love And Hip Hop New York” fans. They had no idea because this isn’t something that was ever shown on the show. Mariahlynn exposed all of this at the reunion. She also said that it hurt her that Rich has never claimed her. So she felt like Rich just wanted to keep her a secret. And she wanted something much more serious with him because she had fallen for him. When Rich was asked why he didn’t want to go public with their relationship, he said he just wasn’t sure about what they actually had.

Fast forward to today, the situation hasn’t changed much. In fact, Rich and Mariahlynn are on the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp.” Mariahlynn said Rich still isn’t really claiming her. And this continues to be a sore spot for her. At this point, the situation has been on and off for about 10 years.

When Rich was asked why he didn’t want to claim Mariahlynn, he said he’s still trying to figure out if what they have is serious. And it’s possible that they have just become hard habits to break.

On the recent episode, Rich’s mother made him realize that Mariahlynn may not be capable of being the woman that he wants.

Well, Mariahlynn received backlash from fans because they questioned why she continued to deal with Rich when he’s never introduced her to his mother.

Mariahlynn had a response to this.

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  1. Naw it must flew over Mariahlynn’s head, off and on it doesn’t matter. So she was never invited to any family gathering, Holidays or nothing. Yes Move on girl this isn’t going anywhere. From words from Mariahlynn’s own mouth. He doesn’t even claim her.

  2. Mariahlynn is holding on because she has hope that Rich is going to eventually fall in love with her. What she’s failing to realize is Rich doesn’t love himself. He’s a CREEP! He’s been advertising it the entire time they’ve been there. What does she not see?
    Meeting the family is a big deal to some but I don’t believe Rich has uttered a word to his Mother about women or she knows he’s a creep and not worthy for any woman.
    Bottom line, Mariahlynn is going to continue playing herself. She did on L&HH:NY and now MBC. Her body is all enhanced now but for who? Rich.

  3. Some Women LOVE to stay in toxic relationships! This is what happens when you don’t have standards…..

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