Kenya Moore Addresses RHOA’s Dip in Ratings

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Season 14 of RHOA has already been full of drama.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” is back for season 14. For months now, fans have heard a lot of rumors about what took place during filming. Many of the reports discussed onscreen feuds that will unfold later on in the season. But so far, the recent episode showed the beginning of Sheree Whitfield and Drew Sidora’s issues. Drew told Kandi Burruss that they have an assistant named Anthony in common. And Anthony accused Sheree of not paying him while he worked for her. So he had to end their business relationship. Interestingly enough, Sheree denied ever hiring Anthony. And she and a friend accused Anthony of talking recklessly behind Drew’s back. In fact, they accused Anthony of telling them and multiple people that Ralph Pittman is gay.

Sheree and Drew have a heated conversation about this. And their drama has spilled over onto social media. So it doesn’t seem as if they will be back on cordial terms anytime soon.

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton have also been having tension. Months ago, it was rumored the two ladies fell out because Kenya accused Marlo of being an escort. And Marlo reportedly got even by contacting Marc Daly for dirt on Kenya.

Then viewers have already gotten a small glimpse of Marlo and Kandi Burruss’ fallout in the trailer for the current season.

Although season 14 isn’t lacking when it comes to drama, the ratings have been a hot topic on social media. And recently, Kenya addressed this.

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  1. I really don’t think that’s the problem. After watching RHOA for years. I no longer watch the show and have no interest in watching anymore.

  2. Fans care way too much about ratings than the actual show itself. The season is good. People are just mad their favorites aren’t there. One left by choice, so I don’t understand why they want RHOA to fail so bad. It’s weird.

  3. I’m really not surprised the black housewives shows are struggling. Meanwhile the same ones who tear down RHOA and RHOP watch RHOBH and RHONJ faithfully. Crabs in a barrel I swear.

  4. I think I read LHHNY and LHHH were canceled. Can we stop hating on black reality shows and wishing for them to fail? That’s exactly where RHOA is headed if people don’t stop with all the unnecessary negativity.

  5. Fans want RHOA to fail because NeNe was fired. And she riled them up with her racism accusations. Since she can’t be on the show, she wants to burn it down to the ground and she’s doing a good job so far.

  6. The cast has zero chemistry. Andy hired a group of Women who don’t actually know each other in (REAL LIFE).
    It’s time for a NEW BLACK CAST in a different city!

  7. I want RHOA to succeed. But it did seem desperate to bring Sheree back and give Marlo a peach after so many years.

  8. As soon as Kenya is gone I’ll be back! She’s such a bully and always a victim. Loser!!! That’s why mark is gone and she will always be alone

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