LAMH Recap: Marsau Denies the Latest Allegations + Destiny & Stormi Clash, Again

LAMH Season 4 Episode 9 Recap
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On the latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” LaTisha and Marsau have a conversation regarding the latest allegations surrounding his faithfulness. LaTisha asks him about the infamous photo that people believe is him in an Atlanta hotel room. Marsau stands in his truth and LaTisha breaks down, claiming people want to destroy their marriage.

Meanwhile, Kimmi is adamant about ironing out the guestlist for her son’s housewarming. Martell isn’t invited in an effort to not put Melody in another uncomfortable situation. However, Miss Wanda is on the list, and her actions make Kimmi and Jaylin regret this. 

Wanda confronts just about everyone who she thinks had something to say about LaTisha at Melody’s slumber party. Things get so tense when Wanda arrives, and Jaylin puts his foot down.

Meanwhile, Kimmi tries to get Destiny and Stormi to squash their beef and Kimmi stands firm about not extending Martell an invite.

Here’s the recap for, “Housewarming, Cold Shoulder.”

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  1. I cannot sit through this show anymore, I only watch the clips and because I cannot sleep, here is my 2 cents.

    Tisha knows what her husband is doing on these streets and is content with it so we all need to accept it! They need to get off TV if they do not want people to talk about it.

    Martel clearly has the tea on Kimmi’s husband but Kimmi would rather shut it down instead of addressing it on TV which is fair, girl protect your marriage.

    Destiny, you know d*** well, sweetie is condescending but I digress.

    Tiffany – you about to have a problem with Mel and rightfully so.

    Wanda was invited to make this episode interesting.

  2. Marsau was so smooth with his response to his dumb a-s wife, and she went for it. He said it “Yes I was there with a friend”. Miss Wanda somebody is going to get with her program real soon. Destiny here is some advice don’t underestimate Stormi.

  3. Destiny met her match with Stormi. She is used to being nasty and condescending when talking to people and Stormi isn’t having it. I’m tired of Wanda and I don’t understand why fans love her so much. She makes LaTisha look so weak.

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