LAMH Recap: Marsau Denies the Latest Allegations + Destiny & Stormi Clash, Again

LAMH Season 4 Episode 9
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Marsau stands in his truth.

The episode begins where last week left off. LaTisha calls Marsau for a talk when she pulls up to Blaque.

As soon as he gets into the car, LaTisha brings up another scandalous photo. People are saying they think it’s Marsau allegedly in a hotel room bed. She brings up that Wanda brought it to her and how Marsau played around answering to it. Marsau tells LaTisha that he was in Atlanta on January 4th and met a friend; Chris Fletcher.

He then goes on to say the original source of the photo is lying. Marsau knows that it’s not him and brings up how he’s been a target of social media rumors in the past.

During the conversation, LaTisha cries when she brings up Martell’s infidelity, saying that the viewers want Marsau to be a cheater.

Meanwhile, LaTisha says these accusers are trying to destroy a young family.

Martell questions why he’s not invited to the housewarming.

Kimmi and Maurice are back from their vacation to Miami at Maurice’s office. Despite the relaxation, she’s still unwilling to waiver on being around Martell. This gets interesting when Maurice answers his door and Martell’s on the other side.

They’re going to have a talk with Kimmi and despite the light conversation from Martell, Maurice cuts it straight. They immediately get into Kimmi standing firm in not inviting Martell to Jaylin’s housewarming. She specifically tells Martell, “you’re not nicer than a lot of us,” when referring to how Martell handled interactions with Melody and his friendships amid his divorce.

Martell does his best to explain himself yet Kimmi is adamant about keeping Martell and Melody separate. She then brings up how Martell “promoted negativity” when he commented on Marsau’s infamous Instagram post. In her opinion, he added to the negativity. And this led to Maurice also being accused of cheating.

Destiny says her friendship with Melody will never be the same.

The next day Destiny and her son are at a trampoline park having fun when Tiffany stops by for a talk. During the talk, they recap the tension during Kimmi’s “Galentine’s Day” event and her surprising blowup with Stormi. Destiny says she wasn’t mocking but just speaking “her language.” She thinks Stormi was speaking “hood.”

Tiffany asks if Destiny has regrets for how she acted and Destiny says she should’ve acted differently. However, she tells Tiffany her relationship with Melody will never be the same and she will love her from a distance.

Interestingly enough, Destiny learns of the girls’ trip to Utah and is shocked to learn Melody’s going.

Kimmi tries to get Destiny and Stormi to squash their beef.

It’s the night of Jaylin’s housewarming. Kimmi’s with Maurice at Jaylin’s home talking about the guest list. Jaylin’s nervous as the last time they had an event with everyone, Martell and Wanda caused a scene. Jaylin’s specifically nervous about Wanda and Kimmi lets Jaylin know he has the power to kick someone out. 

In his interview, he says Kimmi’s friends can be very immature.

Destiny arrives with gifts. 

Later on, Tiffany and Louis arrive and Martell calls to congratulate him. Finally, Melody and Stormi arrive with Stormi’s husband Courtney. Shortly after everyone arrives, Kimmi pulls Destiny and Stormi aside for a talk in Jaylin’s guest bedroom. Kimmi does her best to have Destiny and Stormi squash whatever issues they have. 

Stormi says she was mocked and Destiny says she was just speaking hood as Stormi was.

As this talk happens, LaTisha and Marsau arrive. Melody doesn’t have an interest in speaking and LaTisha doesn’t either.

Back at the talk between Destiny and Stormi, Destiny calls Stormi “Sweetie,” and Stormi feels this was condescending. Destiny responds by walking out. 

During the party, Jaylin shows LaTisha around the house, and Marsau and Maurice finally say something to Melody, and they ask her about Martell. Melody brushes this off.

Miss Wanda arrives ready for a fight.

Finally, tensions rise when Miss Wanda arrives at the housewarming. Marsau knows trouble’s not too far behind when Wanda arrives. Wanda was happy to be invited as she is going to address the ladies for talking about LaTisha. This includes first confronting Kimmi’s friend Patricia. LaTisha overhears this and tells Wanda she already addressed this.

However, this doesn’t stop Wanda from bringing up the mess, including how Keke was invited to Melody’s party. In Jaylin’s kitchen, Marsau tells LaTisha it was a bad idea to invite Wanda.

When Wanda calls Kimmi the B-Word, Jaylin steps in and tells Wanda to not call his mom that in his house.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. I cannot sit through this show anymore, I only watch the clips and because I cannot sleep, here is my 2 cents.

    Tisha knows what her husband is doing on these streets and is content with it so we all need to accept it! They need to get off TV if they do not want people to talk about it.

    Martel clearly has the tea on Kimmi’s husband but Kimmi would rather shut it down instead of addressing it on TV which is fair, girl protect your marriage.

    Destiny, you know d*** well, sweetie is condescending but I digress.

    Tiffany – you about to have a problem with Mel and rightfully so.

    Wanda was invited to make this episode interesting.

  2. Marsau was so smooth with his response to his dumb a-s wife, and she went for it. He said it “Yes I was there with a friend”. Miss Wanda somebody is going to get with her program real soon. Destiny here is some advice don’t underestimate Stormi.

  3. Destiny met her match with Stormi. She is used to being nasty and condescending when talking to people and Stormi isn’t having it. I’m tired of Wanda and I don’t understand why fans love her so much. She makes LaTisha look so weak.

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