‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Comes for Ceaser & His Girlfriend Suzette

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Donna and Ceaser have clashed often on “Black Ink Crew.”

When it comes to “Black Ink Crew,” Donna had a lot of drama on the show throughout the years. She oftentimes felt like she didn’t receive respect from Ceaser and the others. They were very critical of her tattooing skills. So when she misspelled a client’s tattoo, they wouldn’t let her live it down. But she tried to redeem herself by showing off her talent while she did the client’s cover-up tattoo for free. Interestingly enough, Donna’s drama in the shop wasn’t just about her abilities as a tattoo artist. Her relationship with Ceaser was tested for multiple reasons.

In fact, Ceaser was critical of Donna’s romance with Alex. He believed that Donna was physically abusive towards Alex. Alex only gave life to Ceaser’s beliefs when he said Donna was responsible for a scratch he had on his face. Although Alex would later backtrack from these claims, Ceaser and the others didn’t believe him. So Ceaser said he didn’t want Donna at any of his shops moving forward. So her time on the show has come to an end.

Since Donna’s departure, she’s had things to say about Ceaser and others on social media. And she certainly didn’t miss an opportunity to respond after Ceaser once again accused her of being abusive in an interview.

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