Kimmi Scott Addresses Melody Holt’s Shady Comments About Maurice Scott

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Kimmi Scott has been pulled into LaTisha Scott and Melody Holt’s feud.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Kimmi Scott tries her best to stay out of the drama. However, she hasn’t always been successful. In fact, she’s been pulled into Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott’s issues since Season 1. Kimmi wanted to remain neutral. And she figured she could remain friends with Melody even though LaTisha was at her wit’s end with her former friend. However, Miss Wanda took issue with this. And she felt as if Kimmi should have made being loyal to LaTisha her priority. So this led to some tense moments between Kimmi and Wanda. Eventually, Kimmi and LaTisha clashed as well. In fact, Kimmi admitted that she didn’t think she would be friends with LaTisha if their husbands weren’t brothers.

On the current season, Kimmi appears to have made a lot of progress in repairing her relationship with LaTisha. So she’s had a first-row seat to watch things actually worsen between Melody and LaTisha during the latest episodes.

Despite Melody and LaTisha’s feud, Kimmi has decided to keep her friendship with Melody intact. But it’s Martell Scott she’s not wanting to invite to her events. Since Martell’s mistress accused Maurice and Marsau Scott of cheating on social media and in an interview, she believes Martell is a problem starter. So when Melody made it clear she won’t attend events that Martell is invited to, it wasn’t hard for Kimmi to choose Melody.

Interestingly enough, Maurice Scott told Kimmi that Melody is the problem in the group. And he thinks that it makes more sense to invite Martell to events than Melody.

Well, Melody addressed this during her appearance on Carlos King’s new talk show. And Kimmi wasn’t feeling what she said either.

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  1. But here’s the deal with this one? What lie? Did Maurice get caught up in? I now think that Melody is going in on everyone now? Since her rise to fame,. She’s totally different from when we first saw her.

    1. You obviously don’t watch the show or you would know Maurice lied at the last reunion hence the “lying lawyer” jab
      Also IF you did watch the show you would realize Maurice has been coming for her all season in his usual sly way and his latest jab at her was on the episode right before the show with Carlos.
      That was her first acknowledgement of him since he started the foolishness.

    2. Why do y’all sit and pretend these people didn’t come for Melody first? Why is she expected to not respond?

  2. You know i couldnt stand Melody from day one she strikes me as a person who thinks her poop dont stink and smells like roses. She can be messy herself but tries to be slick with hers and no one seems to catch it. Shes full of it I’m not knocking her accomplishments at all thats wonderful but her attitude was already funky too me from the start and over the last couple of seasons it has gotten worse. Now i dont know what transpires after taping but it just seems like shes friends with you if and only you down with her if you are still friends with anyone else she has some conflict with she wants no part of you which is childish too me but shes perfect Patty so maybe its not childish to her at all????

    1. Yes, you and many others do not like confident black women. I’m not sure why you felt the need to announce that as if it makes you special. It makes you more common than you realize. It’s also not new that you run with fake narratives. Y’all watch this show and still come up with your own version of events. Why are you pretending you’d be okay with a friend you’ve given thousands of dollars to talking behind your back to people you aren’t cool with? Let me guess, you’re also going to pretend like you’d be okay with your friend discussing you with your abusive ex husband too. Y’all really don’t mind showing your dysfunctional and dishonest selves on the internet. That’s how insecure Melody makes you.

  3. We all know Mel got something to say about everyone like she’s Mrs perfect she should have too some of that energy and put in her marriage maybe she would have a husband. Now when they show her I changed my channel

    1. Ms. Perfect? Oh, you’re another insecure black woman who doesn’t like confident black women. There are way too many of you in our community and it sickens me. Melody is allowed to respond to people who speak ill of her first. She doesn’t have to be a punching bag because you want her to be.

    2. Dumbest comment on here. Melody and Martell’s marriage ended because he spent several years cheating on her. Guess what? That isn’t her fault. Men cheat because they want to. Stop being so male identified. You look foolish.

  4. Kimmi has been very disappointing this season. Maurice literally sat on the show and blamed Melody for all of the drama in the group like it wasn’t Martell who started all of this to begin with. Maurice is a misogynist just like Marsau. So they won’t hold Martell accountable for the issues he caused in their marriages. They pick at Melody instead. And male identified black women agree with the bs he said because they hate Melody because she brings out all of their insecurities. Martell once again hinted at Marsau cheating on Latisha on Carlos’ talk show but Marsau and Latisha will continue to only have smoke for Melody.

    1. Maybe, just maybe Martel has tea on their cheating and so they don’t call him out because they are afraid of what he will say or do. We all know that Martel is that petty.

  5. Not a couple of you mad at Melody for clapping back at the bullsh-t that came out of Maurice’s mouth two episodes ago. Now I’m for certain y’all just want to be mad at anything she does. Y’all do know that it was Martell who started this Marsau and Maurice cheat stuff, right? Y’all do know his mistress is the one who blew them up in that interview? Y’all do know that Martell is still saying Maurice and Marsau cheat on his IG and he hinted at it again on the Nightcap? He’s the reason Latisha and Melody fell out too. And he also had a hand in Destiny and Melody’s problems too if you pay close attention. He wants Melody isolated and pushed off LAMH because she divorced him.

  6. There are legitimate reasons to be annoyed with Melody but her thinking highly of herself shouldn’t be one of them. Some of you need help.

  7. I agree Pat. Some of these comments are weird and bitter. All Melody did was leave a bad marriage. She’s not down bad after the divorce and some people are mad about that. This is a reality show. Shade and clap backs should be anticipated. Kimmi knows this.

  8. Y’all should dive a bit deeper into Twitter to see how sick some black women are. Saw two the other day say they understand why Martell cheated and broke up his black family because they hate Melody that much. The pick me mentality runs deep.

  9. She doesn’t have to like what Melody said but she should be concerned about her husband constantly being messy and getting into women’s business. There is a lot Melody could say but she hasn’t yet. And I wouldn’t blame her if she did. These men are catty and nasty to her and even have their relatives harassing her and her mother constantly online. Does Kimmi dislike that too? Never seen her speak up about it like she’s speaking up here.

  10. @ Karen Simmons you and others with your views let Melody get under your skin way too much. She’s the exact same from season one, a beautiful black woman with high self-esteem. You’re just pressed and have been since episode one and that’s a YOU problem. Don’t talk about her being a fair-weather friend like she didn’t sit on that reunion stage last season to hear all these so-called friends admit they knew Martell was cheating and kicked it with his mistress while smiling in her face all these years. None of these people were real friends to Melody, especially Destiny. Melody was out here paying that woman’s unpaid bills and constantly in communication with her just for Destiny to totally flip on her at the reunion. Y’all see what y’all want to see and it’s annoying. I truly hope Melody leaves this raggedy show soon so yall can find someone else to hate and blame everything on.

  11. @ Troll The two black women that said that nonsense probably comment on here. Triggered by Melody “thinking she’s all that” but just fine with Wanda being a walking stereotype and Martell disrespecting his black wife and kids with his poor choices.

  12. Chelly, you asked why do the fans expect Melody to not respond when these people come for her first. It’s the other side of colorism. Melody is a lighter skinned woman, so she is put on this pedestal where she’s expected to be above everything. Notice these same people have no issue with Wanda’s confidence. It goes along with black people constantly accusing light skinned people of being uppity. Meanwhile, Melody is no different than any of the others. Every single one of them has displayed arrogance and nastiness. They are all messy but fans single out Melody anyway. I said what I said and don’t care who is triggered.

  13. Either some of you just started watching LAMH or you’re delusional. Melody has been pretty consistent. Same attitude, same confidence/arrogance, same mindset which is don’t start none won’t be none. She minds her business until people make her their storyline. If Maurice didn’t want her to come for him, he should stop speaking on her. I am tired of these people making the whole show about Melody. Every scene they are all discussing Melody. Is it Love & Marriage or the Melody Holt Show?

  14. I don’t think Karen V Simmons said any truth at all. Melody is pretty in your face with her mess and stands by it. And everyone seems to catch it which is why she’s always bashed by the fans. If her attitude is stank, what about Latisha’s? Destiny’s? Martell’s? Maursau’s? As far as her not wanting her friends to be friends with people she’s not cool with, that’s another lie. She told Destiny to form her own friendship with Latisha. But Destiny proceeded to talk badly about Melody to Latisha. And Melody still pushed Stormi to make up with Destiny when they aren’t friends anymore. You’re just buying into Martell’s manipulation. Then you repeat it word from word on here like you’re so perceptive.

    1. That’s the part that people missed, Melody is not upset because Destiny is friends with Latisha, she is upset because Destiny (her friend) was discussing her with her enemy(Latisha)

  15. I agree with Barbee. I think Melody’s haters expected the divorce to break her down so they could see her struggle but she has her head up high and continues to prosper and they don’t like it. Every negative comment about her on here is shallow and childish. It’s like how dare a woman win after a divorce and embrace bad b-tchness? This is why you can’t befriend insecure women. They ain’t happy unless you’re struggling.

  16. Oh and Destiny and LaTisha are both very jealous of Melody. LaTisha has been trying to be Melody since season 1 and Kimmi was the one who confirmed they used to sit around and talk crap about Melody bossing up and doing speaking engagements just for LaTisha to try to do the same season 2. Destiny was jealous Melody was prospering after a divorce and she wasn’t. That’s what that whole village argument was about.

  17. I didn’t like Melody during the first season because she was being a dummy for Martell and I could sense that she was a pick me. My feelings about her changed after the divorce because she finally woke up and morphed into a very strong woman who wanted better for herself. I really can’t relate to Kimmi or LaTisha because they allow their husbands to play with them way too much. I do like Stormi because like Melody she’s about her business and that’s the kind of black women I prefer. I wish we could learn more about Stormi’s successful haircare empire. That’s more interesting than the silliness between her and Destiny.

  18. Y’all really come on here and bash the sisters on the show for every little thing when y’all need to be dragging these messy husbands.

  19. Interesting theory Realness. I want Melody to rise above and not get in the mud with these people because I don’t think it’s worth it. None of them were ever her true friends. They are Martell’s friends. So why risk messing up good karma for them? I respect your perspective though and maybe that is the case for some fans. I really want Melody to leave this show. All they seem to do is gang up on her. And they act like they are scared of Martell.

      1. So your favorite is Kimmi. That means you like passive aggressive nasty (Kimmi) and you don’t like direct nasty (Melody). Y’all are a trip. LOL.

    1. You expect Melody to “rise above” and not respond to the nastiness the others spew her way on a reality show? And you don’t feel this way about anyone else, just Melody? Yeah, you’re doing a good job proving that my “theory” isn’t far fetched. I doubt you’d ever have these high expectations for Latisha and others who aren’t light skinned. Y’all do the same with Kimmi. Notice a coincidence?

  20. Maurice and Kimmi are the sneakiest people on this show. Kimmi plans events for mess to go down and runs back to people to spread mess. She gets a pass because people swear she has some high level of emotional intelligence because she doesn’t scream and shout like the others. Maurice will use others to deflect from talking about his own dirt. This season he’s deflecting to Melody because it’s a way to not address Arionne and Martell saying he cheats. Notice Maurice and Marsau are saying nothing about that IG post Martell did months ago when he said Maurice, Marsau, and Louis are all cheaters.

  21. Not liking Kimmi this season because she’s being very messy while trying to kiss up to Latisha. As it stands I only like Melody and Stormi and Stormi’s husband since he’s the only one who doesn’t act like a female.

  22. Kimmi reminds me of Dr. Jackie. She’s very messy but because not everyone is wise enough to recognize passive aggressive nastiness, they bash the more direct person /friend instead (Heavenly). In this case, Melody. No one on this cast has clean hands. Everyone is messy.

  23. Oh wow finally found some people who see how messy Kimmi is. She does mean girl sh-t but gaslights like her husband and brother in law when called out. She’s going to gaslight Keke on the next episode and her stans will eat it up and pretend she’s so mature like they always do.

  24. Off topic but I’ll never forget that Kimmi was defending Martell and saying he has a good heart just for him and his mistress to say Maurice is unfaithful. They were all Team Martell until it was them he came for. Interesting how fake they all are.

  25. Ok I don’t understand the Melody hate at all. She really just be responding to people discussing her first. She’s supposed to accept Maurice blaming her for all the fights this season like Martell and Marsau didn’t light the match in season one? Come on now. Maurice needs to stop pretending he’s so mature and decent. He says nothing about their brother being a complete nut case on the internet and obsessing over Melody and her mother.

  26. The fans and cast are jealous of Melody. That’s why you’ll see them say “she’s changed” or she thinks she’s “better than everyone else.” Melody has been the same since day one. Meanwhile, the haters try to pretend like the whole premise of LAMH wasn’t supposed to be affluent, black power couples. Y’all never watched this for humility. Don’t switch up now. You thought the divorce would “humble her” but she’s good. Stay mad.

  27. I’ve said this many times but some of y’all are too sensitive to watch reality television. Carlos King is the EP. This show is supposed to be messy and the cast isn’t supposed to get along. It’s not that type of show and Carlos never intended for it to be. Enjoy the mess like a cheap to make soap opera and don’t take what you see personally. We don’t know these people to like or dislike them. Chill out.

  28. I don’t like Melody on the show but I don’t see anything wrong with her choosing to cut off toxicity from her life. Maybe I am also childish because I have no problem with my friends being friends with anyone BUT they should not be talking about me so I get where melody is coming from.

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