Source of Kandi Burruss & Kenya Moore’s Tension on RHOA Revealed?

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Kandi Burruss had an interesting game for the ladies to play in New York.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans had a lot to say about the season 14 trailer. While Kenya Moore’s feud with Marlo Hampton isn’t anything new, many were shocked by the scene with Kenya and Kandi Burruss. The two friends appeared to be in the middle of a very heated disagreement. And Kenya made a comment about not wanting Todd Tucker “buzzing” her lady parts. Kandi’s face signaled that she wasn’t feeling Kenya’s comment. After the trailer went viral, fans took to social media to discuss the moment. They couldn’t understand what would have led to Kenya and Kandi having that kind of tension.

Well, the source of Kandi and Kenya’s heated moment may be revealed on the upcoming episode. The cast travels to New York. Kandi has invited everyone to attend a show of her latest Broadway production, “Thoughts of a Colored Man.” Interestingly enough, Kandi wanted to spice things up. And she did so by making a very controversial request for the other women. Apparently, she brought them gifts to New York. The gift is a pair of vibrating panties.

With the husbands in tow during the trip to New York, Kenya and Marlo didn’t seem to have any desire to participate in the game.

And Kenya even expresses that she’s not comfortable doing anything like this around other people’s husbands.

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  1. What’s the point of wearing the underwear. Kandi couldn’t think of anything else. I’m not going to wear that unless it’s just my partner and myself alone time.

  2. So many rumors about kandi’s s-x life with her husband. Kandi come off as being offend if she is connected to s-x in any way (good or bad) but turn around and challenge that connections with something more freaky she would do.
    Kandi really didn’t understand why someone single would feel uncomfortable while (married) men was there. Oh interesting, what else do kandi and Todd that make them feel confortable to do , freaky, in front of other people (single or married)? Kandi is very successful in her business, but when it comes to s-x she throws dirt then hides her hands. Strange how porsha was dragged for speaking on her own s-xuality and what she did as a SINGLE person. I mean the sl-t shame was real and so is kandi’s hypocrisy on this note.

  3. I wouldn’t wear the panties either for the general public. That’s a bit much and not a gift anyone would welcome. It’s tacky & not everyone wants to show the s-xual side of themselve for the public, Kandi does and that’s her business. But stay out of mine.

  4. Kandi’s act has been old for a long minute. Her conversations, actions center around s-x, s-x toys, s-x capades, etc. I’m so sick of it! Get a new hobby chick! Run it by your Master Andy and see what he says. You really are his cash cow – literally.

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