LAMH Recap: Wanda Burns Bridges + Martell & Marsau Come to Blows?

LAMH Season 4 episode 10
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Marsau’s fed up.

Tonight’s episode begins with Wanda causing a ruckus during Jaylin’s housewarming and Kimmi and Jaylin checking her. Marsau’s frustrated with Wanda also. He pulls Maurice aside and tells him about the rumor Wanda told LaTisha about. And he’s tired of her behavior.

Maurice empathizes with his brother as Marsau brings up how Wanda approached him regarding a loan for a business he calls shoddy. Maurice tells Marsau that LaTisha has to set up boundaries with her mother to squash the tension. They also talk about the upcoming trip to Atlanta and how to handle it amid the rumors.

Marsau says he’s going to be good. And that he and LaTisha “are good.”

Melody’s considering changing her last name.

Later on, Vanessa stops by her daughter’s home as Melody’s preparing for an event. She’s relaunching her skincare line under a new name and Vanessa’s proud Melody didn’t give up. However, Vanessa did raise eyebrows at some of the photos Melody took to promote the products which show her curves.

They also talk about Melody considering reverting back to her maiden name Rogers. Melody talked to the kids about it and explained what happens when parents divorce.

Meanwhile, Kimmi and Tiffany have a talk. Kimmi tells Tiffany about what happened with Destiny and Stormi.

On a positive note, Kimmi and Maurice started a brokerage company. This conversation leads to Tiffany asking for advice regarding Louis asking for more time from Tiffany at home. She also tells Kimmi how she wants a baby while Louis isn’t on the same page.

Kimmi says if Tiffany can find time for a new baby, she can find time for Louis. Lastly, Kimmi tells Tiffany she’s not sure if the upcoming guy’s trip to Atlanta, hosted by Martell, is a good idea.

Martell gets a tutor.

Finally, Martell’s taking the homebuilder’s exam seriously. So much so, that his manager Mel found him a tutor for the exam. He’s on a call with his tutor. Marsau admits he’s not the best test taker and his tutor hips him to a new way to view the test. Overall, he’s excited.

It’s the evening of Melody’s event for the relaunch of her skincare line now called Seventh Avenue. Kimmi and Tiffany arrive early and talk about the guest list. Tiffany hopes all of the ladies show up, even Destiny and LaTisha, and they resolve their issues with Melody.

Stormi shows up along with Keke. When Keke greets Stormi, they exchange a half-hearted hug. Stormi says she’s not a fan and doesn’t want to share her space with Keke, in light of what happened between her and her cousin LaTisha.

Keke notices and feels Stormi is being shady. When confronted by Keke for the shade, Stormi apologizes to Keke for how she came off. Meanwhile, Melody addresses the crowd with the kids present. Melody went all out for the presentation of her products. However, her friends seemingly are more engaged in the drama involving Keke.

Kimmi confronts Keke.

Later on, Keke pulls Kimmi aside to talk. Keke brings up the tension involving her and LaTisha. Kimmi brings up how Keke hasn’t been around before Melody’s slumber party event. Keke says she hasn’t because of Melody and LaTisha’s feud.

Kimmi, overall, stands up for LaTisha. And Keke feels she didn’t say anything slanderous about LaTisha and Marsau.

Everyone is fed up with Wanda.

Later on, the Scotts have a night out together. Maurice brings up Wanda stirring up the mess at Jaylin’s housewarming. And they all feel frustrated about Wanda’s antics. LaTisha says, however, that she can’t control grown people.

This leads to Marsau saying he’s willing to cut Wanda off. Oddly enough, they’re going to see Wanda soon as Wanda’s hosting a tasting for her food truck.

Marsau speaks on Keke.

Next, LaTisha brings up how Wanda confronted Keke. And Kimmi says Keke was wrong for what she did. Oddly enough, Marsau stands up for LaTisha’s decision to tell the Holts about Keke’s personal business. In fact, he says Keke put them in a situation where they had to tell Martell and Melody about the personal item.

Marsau then says he feels Melody used Keke as “a puppet” regarding how the rumors started. In fact, he wants to tell Keke to shut up. In fact, he doesn’t have any grace for anyone talking about these rumors.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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In related news, a lot of drama is going down as the LAMH cast is currently filming the second part of Season 4. While Melody was on Instagram, she said that she and Martell aren’t going to allow anyone to disrespect their children. She then got out of the car as a commotion ensued between Martell and Marsau. And fans believe that it looked as if the men got into an altercation.


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  1. Well, it may be time to take this show off the air now. This is something that has been brewing every since the side piece for Martell came out and the talk about Marsau having side pieces also. Melody still loves Martell and this proves it. I pray they can get out of the kind light and get back together as a family.These reality shows are not worth doing when it destroys families and friends. I really don’t want to see this on TV, we see enough in every day Life.

  2. I don’t know why people in our community support struggle love. Martell had baby on Melody but folks still want them to get back together ????

  3. Personal business like the Holts, the 2 brothers related to Maurice and saw the blog to exclude Ms Wanda. I watched from day One to experience how folks like me can explain to some of us what it means to experience the American dream.. you all show me zero. With the dollars and the homes.. I see, poor in spirit

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