LAMH Recap: Wanda Burns Bridges + Martell & Marsau Come to Blows?

LAMH Season 4 Episode 10 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Wanda continues her tirade during Jaylin’s housewarming. As Jaylin and Kimmi check Wanda, Marsau’s fed up. He also lets Maurice know that Wanda is trying to ruin his marriage.

Meanwhile, Keke makes an appearance at Melody’s skincare launch event. She not only experiences Stormi being shady, but she also pulls Kimmi aside. Kimmi later confronts her about her comments made during Melody’s sleepover.

Lastly, Marsau defends LaTisha regarding her long-standing tension with Keke.

Here’s the recap for, “Destined for a Storm.”

Plus, it seems as if Martell and Marsau got into an altercation while filming recently.

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  1. Well, it may be time to take this show off the air now. This is something that has been brewing every since the side piece for Martell came out and the talk about Marsau having side pieces also. Melody still loves Martell and this proves it. I pray they can get out of the kind light and get back together as a family.These reality shows are not worth doing when it destroys families and friends. I really don’t want to see this on TV, we see enough in every day Life.

  2. I don’t know why people in our community support struggle love. Martell had baby on Melody but folks still want them to get back together ????

  3. Personal business like the Holts, the 2 brothers related to Maurice and saw the blog to exclude Ms Wanda. I watched from day One to experience how folks like me can explain to some of us what it means to experience the American dream.. you all show me zero. With the dollars and the homes.. I see, poor in spirit

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